Friday, January 29, 2010

When life gives you snow

I had been feeling the winter blues lately and I've been wishing for the Spring and Summer to hurry and get here.  When the rumor of snow was going around, I wanted nothing of it.  It wasn't even supposed to snow today, just a chance of ice pellets.  What are ice pellets anyway?  At some point this morning I found out that it was snowing via a facebook status.  (and I had a window right behind me!)  In just a matter of minutes, it was coming down pretty hard.  GV happened to be napping, so I went out to take some pictures.  Then in the process the kid in me came out (oh wait, GV is already came out?) and I built a snowman.  I was really excited about this snowman, like really really excited.  I'm hoping that my neighbors didn't notice me through their windows, since I'm sure they would think that I was neglecting my baby.  Rest assured, GV was in a state of slumber the entire time.

This is the third snow of GV's life, which is odd since we're lucky to get a single snow here.  I just heard on the news that this is the hardest snow that we've gotten in 14 years.  This one is particularly beautiful, making me forget about my winter blues for a while.   It just keeps coming and coming, now much harder than earlier today.  I hope that next year GV's able to help me with a snowman; it wasn't that much fun doing it by my lonesome.  But trust me, he won't be in sandals.

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  1. I've never made a snowman! It didn't even snow at all in Huntsville! Maybe one day I will get to...I love yours. ;)