Sunday, January 10, 2010

Like Father Like Son

I absolutely love when Griffin sneezes.  There isn't much that is more adorable. I had thought that baby hiccups would be cute, but they have nothing on his sneezes.  Griffin has a "follow-through" for his sneezes.  It's the normal "ahchoo" sound, then comes the fun part, usually "oohh" or ewhhh", but always something.  These noises do serve a bit of significance in our house.  The second part of the sneeze is typically a little louder than the actual sneeze itself.  Dave has always made similar noises post sneeze I am assuming for fun, however I NEVER thought they were cute.  But the fact that Griffin does this makes my heart melt.  We've come to the conclusion that that's what Griffin heard while he was baking, so his little brain fired some chemicals to make his sneezes extra cute.  Yep...I'm sure that's what it was :)