Saturday, June 26, 2010

He's got a goofy side too.

He sure knows how to light up my day.  Here he is at breakfast being a goofball.

P.S.  The ending is my favorite.  Oh and please ignore how dirty his shirt is, we were using it as a bib.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lesson Learned

Nontoys make the best toys.

Dave brought home his name badge from an IT conference and Griffin saw it as a new toy. He played and played with it. Sometimes I wonder why we have truck loads of shiny bright colored toys when he's reaching for power cords, remotes, and junk mail.

If only we could make a toy that resembles power cords sticking out of a surge protector....

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Can I just say that my coming back with a vengeance hasn't been very vengeful.  Oh well...

Anyway, I had mentioned in G's monthly post that he is a very content baby.  Usually preferring sitting to moving. He's got me spoiled, I'll tell ya'.

I'm not sure where it came from, but Griffin was one turbo-charged baby for the last two(ish) weeks.  He would. not. sit. still.  He mastered the sitting to crawling maneuver, and used it over and over and over.  He went for every power cord, every shoe, and every spec of fuzz he could find.  He even ventured out of the living room and into the dining room and the kitchen.  He played with the piano pedals in the dining room, looked for snacks in the spinning cabinet, and enjoyed a cool breeze in his hair from the floor vent in the kitchen.

Thankfully G still enjoyed playing in his exersaucer, so that's where he'd go after I'd tire out from moving him back onto the rug umpteen thousand times.  He played like a mad man baby in that thing.  I really thought he was going to bounce the exersaucer off the ground a few times.

I'm thinking he may have hit a growth spurt as he has now settled into a nice balance between gogogo and sitsitsit.  And I swear he looks bigger, but I haven't measured yet.  It was a fun phase but I need a few naps before the next one.

*As usual I only catch the tail end of what I'm going for.  To get a better picture multiply the energy shown in the video a few times.

He has something to show you.

teeth , originally uploaded by kdjeffers.

Can you see it? Maybe you should look a little closer.
Griffin has teeth! Six teeth, to be exact. He's actually had them since the end of May, but wasn't a fan of showing them off. Now that they're poking out more, his gummy grin has transformed into a toothy grin.

Teething went much better than expected. If it wasn't for the teeth, we wouldn't even have known that it was happening. Ironically his drooling even cut back to a minimum. I'm guessing he's telling us that he prefers to be unpredictable.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seven Months

I have taken quite the hiatus from blogging.  I missed it dearly but now I'm back with a vengeance!  Enough about me though, I have a baby to tell you about.

Griffin turned seven months old at the end of May, and he has continued to surprise me daily.  (Some of the fun stuff I'm saving for later, but I'll give you a good idea of what was new from six to seven months.)  He is quite the little chunk, or as I like to say he's a substantial baby.  He's tipping the scales at about 19 lbs.  As seen in the picture, his head is now out growing his body (but in the cutest way possible).  He's stilling fitting into his 3-6 month clothes and wears a size 3 diaper.

He started eating finger foods, as in, he's eating Cheerios.  His doctor, as well as the AAP, suggested trying out some finger foods.  He didn't get the hang of green beans and the like at first, but he sure was a fan of Cheerios.  His new favorite game became Chase the Cheerio.  Grabbing the little pieces didn't come easy, but he knew he wanted to.  He is a fantastic eater and we haven't found a food he dislikes.

He loves to play and really enjoys knocking blocks over, banging around things he can get a good grasp on, and slapping away at his keyboard.  Right at seven months he started sitting like a pro.  It was like one day he was still a little wobbly, then he's just sitting there like there's nothing to it.  Funny how they do that.  Once he learned to sit, he was very happy just doing that.  He no longer really cared much about crawling around.  If a toy was away from him, he would reach as far as he could to get it but if he couldn't he'd make a bit of noise for you to get it for him.  I swear, he'd sit for hours.

Unfortunately he (and me) caught a stomach bug and we experienced the saddest thing of parenting thus far.  He started vomiting and didn't stop for about four hours.  It was terrible.  Thankfully I was at my in-laws' and had help all around, making it much less stressful for me.  One thing I did learn was that Griffin has the saddest sad face EVER.  He's not a super smiley, laugh all the time baby.  He's usually rocking the stoic cool man face, but goodness, I have never seen a face that screamed HELP ME so loudly.  It was a rough evening (especially for Dave, who fortunately miss the boat on this stomach bug), but we made it through and the next morning fared much much better for Griffin.  Me, not so much.  It kept kicking me while I was down for nearly a week, I digress.  Another thing that I learned:  spit up is NOT vomit.  That's as far as I'm going with the details.

All in all, we are reminded daily that we have a very content little baby.  I love to watch him sit and stare and just soak everything in.  Makes me want to slow down and do the very same thing.  I'm beyond lucky to be his mom, he really is the icing on my (cup)cake.