Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 Months

GV month by month

I am writing this in disbelief. Griffin is three entire months old. Three months—a whole season! Three months has turned out to be a very fun age; I think he should stay this way for just a while longer.

In a book that I had started, the author claimed that the first three months of a baby life was the fourth trimester. His point being, that the baby grows and develops so much in those months, but the personality doesn't really come out till around till the third month. This has been pretty true for us. GV really started interacting more like a little person about two or three weeks ago.

I have mentioned that he is smiling constantly now, and I might add that it's the most adorable smile I've ever seen! He's sort of giggling at times, and he's clearly a talker. We usually have several good conversations during the day. (And just months ago I was thinking that babies were just boring little blobs...ha!) He's batting at toys, and now grabbing them too. He can keep himself entertained with his toys for pretty close to an hour. He's holding his head up and looking around the room, and just the other day he was kicking his legs up as he was on his stomach. I think I saw signs of a roll. If he would just pull his arm in a little more, he would have flipped right over.

I was just reminded that GV did roll over while under Dave's supervision. GV was laying on Dave's chest looking up at him, and he kept leaning like he was going to roll. So Dave was curious if he would, and ready to catch him if he did. He did roll over and Dave did catch him (his words, not mine) but not before his little bottom barely touched the ground (still Dave's words). For about five whole seconds everything was fine. But then...WWWAAAAAAHHHHH! GV turned into a very angry baby. He furrowed his brow and refused to make any eye contact with his dad. He held this grudge for a good while, but eventually came back to normal. So, I don't really count this as his first roll; yet I hope that it doesn't scar him from trying again in the future.

His hands were discovered a few weeks ago too. Dr. S said that one of the developments by four months was bringing his hands to the center, not the most exciting one to watch, but still very important. His hands are his new pacifier. He never really took a pacifier that well, but now he's completely over it. (I hear this could change again.) I had some hesitation to giving him one in the first place, as I saw images of half grown children sucking away on them. But they did help for a while, since they were able to soothe him to sleep. But now I am quite happy; hands are cheaper than pacifiers any day.

He's sleeping close to eleven hours now. He's getting tired earlier and earlier, so I have a feeling we'll be at twelve hours any day now. He still likes to be swaddled, but even if he manages to break free, he's able to soothe himself with his hands. I love to watch him sleep, and lately I've wanted to bring him back to his bassinet so I can watch him when I can't sleep, but I haven't. He hasn't been back in his bassinet since we his two month birthday. He's still a hard sleeper too, and it takes him several minutes to wake up completely.

I know I've said it a million times, but GV is an amazing little baby. He contradicts every single thing that I thought of babies before. There isn't a day, no make that a second that goes by that I don't thank God for what He's given me.

This morning he weighed in just a little over 13 pounds, and we've been describing him as humongous lately. We are about to move to his 3-6 months clothes, but he's still comfortably fitting in most of his 3 month stuff.

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