Monday, January 18, 2010

Batter Up!

I think it was about two or three weeks ago when GV began to notice the toys hanging from his bouncer seat. He would stare and stare at them, sometimes moving his little hands a bit, but never touching the toys. Last week as he would stare at the little squirrel, owl, and hedgehog; I saw that he was more excited, kicking his feet and raising his hands a little higher. Then today. Today I decided to hang some toys from his swing. Since it doesn't have a toy bar, I used my mom ingenuity to make a chain of his links to hang a few things from. (For a moment, I was proud of myself.) I hung his little frog toy on the chain and walked away. Then I heard a loud rattle! I ran back to see if I could catch the next one, and I did! He was swinging away and making lots of happy noises. This is so much more exciting than I ever could have imagined. I'm not sure who was entertained more, although I'm pretty sure it was me.

Developmently, so much has happened over the past few weeks. He has gone from smiling once or twice a week, to doing so whenever he is asked. He is also bringing both hands to his midline, which Dr. S told us to expect by his four month appointment. Who knew that I be getting a kick out of that?! Now he's interacting with his toys. I remember asking a few moms when this would happen, and now, it's happening now! He also has gone from disliking tummy time, to being able to hold his head to look at us for more than a minute. What's next? I'm beyond excited to see.

*Side note: Dave and I sadly realized that we didn't have any videos of GV as a newborn. We were busy taking so many pictures, we forgot to use the video function on our camera. :tear: Now, nothing worth recording is going to get by us; as we've both vowed to press record on our camera every chance we get.


  1. who said to put something over the swing so he didnt have to stare at nothing all day???

  2. I think you may have, but you didn't do anything about it.