Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Lesson in Humility

I am finally home settling in from a busy, yet exciting weekend. Saturday, Dave, my brother Jacob, and I ventured into Alabama for a wedding. Then after the wedding Dave and I went to Huntsville to visit with my cousins. We had a fabulous time talking and catching up with them, of which we had a lot to do. During my pregnancy story telling I was made aware that I hadn't shared one of my funnier experiences on my blog. I may have mentioned it, but I haven't actually told the story. Part of my mission when starting this blog was to share my experiences, no matter how humiliating they might be. So here's to keeping my word.

A few Sundays ago Dave and I had slept in, so much so that we couldn't make it to church. We did wake up hungry and wanted to get out of the house for a while, so we decided to go have brunch downtown. We weren't in the biggest hurry so it took us a while to finally leave the house and it ended up being somewhere around two when we left. Somehow I had managed to not eat a thing for breakfast, but didn't notice—YET.

I was putting on my makeup in the car on the ride downtown and started getting a little car sick. I figured that this was just the result of staring in the mirror. I finished with this and went back to watching the road. Instead of the slight nausea going away, I began to feel quite faint and felt my entire body heat up. I could feel sweat dripping from my face, my ears were ringing, and my heart was racing. We didn't have anything to eat or drink in the car so I moaned to Dave that we needed to head home. However, I did realize that our destination was much closer than turning around and arriving at home.

Dave using his better judgment decides to get off at the next exit and head for Greenlife Grocery. For those of you not in Chattanooga, Greenlife is an upscale organic grocery store that has an outdoor patio area for people to eat. At this point I am laying as flat as I can in the front seat with my feet up on the dash, legs apart, and skirt hiked up trying to use the maxed out AC to my advantage. Also at this point whenever I open my eyes it looks, and feels, as though a bright light is being shone directly into them. Basically I couldn't see anything. Dave swings into a parking space and asks what I want; I tell him to get me a Coke and water. He then rushes inside. He's back to me pretty quickly but lets me know that he was a little upset to find that Greenlife doesn't sell any Coke products. I now have this mental picture in my head that he painted for me where he is standing in front of this huge fridge case of beverages in a huge hurry, half upset there's no Coke and half confused because now he has no idea what will cure my crazy issues. But like the awesome husband that he is, he brings me back a can of sparkling ginger spritzer and a bottle of low alkaline water, just what I needed: carbonation and sugar. As I sit up to drink my fancy spritzer and regain my vision, I notice that we are parked in the expectant mothers' spot which, of course, is directly in front of the entrance and the patio area. I find myself immediately ready to leave this parking lot.

I will mention here that Dave loves to use the expectant mothers' parking spaces wherever they are available. I, however, don't like using them, especially if he is with me. I always ask him if he can see that my legs are still working, and tell him that a little walking won't kill me. Conversely I didn't argue with him about using the spot during this occasion, and actually it made total sense that he did. To add a little detail to the outsider's view of this, I didn't really appear very pregnant at this point. So now, imagine you're walking out of Greenlife after purchasing some fancy organic something-another's, heading to your Prius, and you see me. This probably isn't the first place to expect to see a girl flailing around a car with her panties exposed for all to see. Oh well, that is life.

I finally came to and the restaurant was in the next building over, so we both decided it was best to go ahead and carry on with our brunch plans. I have sweat running down my legs and my chest and my face, it kind of looks like I had just finished a marathon and sort of felt like it too. My plans were to go straight for the restroom once inside to clean myself off. The hostess asks how many and as soon as we tell her I ask where the restrooms are. She then says, "Oh, they are upstairs right next to where we'll be seating you." "Great," I'm thinking; I can feel how disgusting I look. Finally after trekking up two flights of stairs I find refuge in the restroom. I washed off the humility and was ready to enjoy my brunch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

29 Weeks

Not much to say this week, you've already been informed of how exciting it has been. I do want to make sure I express how insanely grateful and truly blessed I am to be carrying around my little Bean Sprout. I don't care what I have to do; I am going to do it for him. So I hope that my whining doesn't out shine that.

There is something that I haven't shared on here yet, so I guess this is as good of a time as any.

Bean Sprout now has a first and middle name. It's Griffin Van. That has been the name that we have been "feeling" for a while now, just had to sit/sleep/eat on it and it has passed the test for us. The more I say it, the more I love it. Now, I am a little picky about the way it's said. Don't worry; I won't jump down your throat if you don't conform to my pickiness. This is mainly for me. After I tell most people that his name is Griffin Van, they immediately respond by saying GrffinVanJeffers, really fast and all together. I, however, don't like the sound of that. I prefer to say GriffinVan [short pause] Jeffers. Anal, I know. It's very nice that we now have a name for him; I was getting worried that we'd still be going back and forth while filling out his birth certificate.

Update: I did get the call back from my doctor this morning telling me that I do have gestational diabetes. The news was very disheartening and scary to say the least. I had got myself so worked up over diabetes of any kind; I should have known it would knock me down if I ended up with it. After being upset with it for a while, I decided that instead of worrying about it I am going to look at it as an opportunity to learn to eat a lot better. And if I didn't have a reason to keep an active lifestyle, here it is. I prefer eating healthy and being active, and maybe a little guidance on how to do so won't hurt in the least. Like I've said, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure Bean Sprout is taken care of in the best way possible.

A Few Thank Yous

I am rounding the corner of finishing my pregnancy; and I have been realizing my gratitude for several things and felt it necessary to be thankful for them. 
Jif Peanut Butter 
I think of this as my security blanket.  It can make me feel better when I am feeling my worst.  Jif has become my favorite peanut butter.  Before pregnancy I wasn't a huge fan of peanut butter, so I didn't really know the difference in the brands.  Now my love of peanut butter is more out of necessity than want, but Jif is where it's at.  I am now a loyal fan. 
Target's Merona Pants, 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex 
I suppose that I should really be thanking Spandex instead of these pants, but I LOVELOVELOVE these pants. I wanted to stay away from maternity clothes for as long as possible and I believe that these pants will have me covered (hehe, there's a pun) through my pregnancy and BEYOND.  They are so comfortable I feel guilty for wearing them.  I thought they may look too casual to wear to work, but they look great as dress pants.  I didn't mention the best part, they were only $14.99!  I have them in two colors and would have more if they still carried them.

Fans of all shapes and sizes
I have always been a lover of fans, since as far back as I can remember.  I have kept a stand fan in my living room throughout the summer.  Most of the time the air conditioner is sufficient for everyone but myself.  I move this fan around the house with me.  Into the bathroom if I am taking a hot bath, into the hallway if I am straightening my hair, into the dining room if I'm in there.  We have a ceiling fans in the bedrooms and the kitchen, and thank God we do.  My quality of life is greatly increased because of this.  I also keep a little fan at work, I call it my littlest fan.  I am constantly hot at work, no matter what the temperature.  I think my internal temperature is set on blazing sometimes  most of the time.
My husband
Dave has been my serious life line.  I consider myself beyond to lucky to call him mine.  There are more than a million reasons that I could give, but I'm keeping this short.  He and I are big kids at heart.  I am assuming (& hoping) that we'll remain this way.  I appreciate this quality he has.  He manages to keep a smile on my face.  He has also made me forget how to argue.  We handle obstacles as a team, and that makes life so much more enjoyable.  It really seems as though we've both been pregnant through all this.  He has gone to all but one doctor's visit, and been there for me the second that I need him whenever I call his name.  And he really seems to enjoy all of it. 

My Dogs
Jack & Lucy are truly part of our family.  They are the best dogs that I have ever had.  With them I was fine without children before; but now I believe that they'll be the best ever big brother & sister to Griffin.  For little dogs they love to relax.  This really compliments my love of naps.  During the day when it's just the three of us, all I have to do is look at them to smile.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not in Today's Agenda

 This is NOT what I was suppose to look like today.
Today my plan was to go the hospital to take my 3 hour fasting blood glucose test.  I thought that this was all that I had planned  Once again I was reminded that absolutely NOTHING about pregnancy is predictable.

I had not had anything to drink or eat since 10:00 last night.  I arrived at the hospital around 7:30 this morning and after checking in, I was escorted back to the lab to get my fasting glucose level.  I will mentioned that I felt fine before and during this test.  I was sent back to the waiting room to wait for the pharmacy to send the Glucola, to begin the 3 hour test.  About 5 minutes after being sent back to the waiting room I began to feel light headed and weak, my body got really hot and began to sweat, and I was having trouble seeing.  I was thinking Oh, boy...we haven't even got started yet.  I was able to get up and ask the waiting room secretary if there was anywhere to lie down.  Next thing I know a stretcher is being wheeled in the room and a big man is picking me up and putting me on it. 

I ended up in what would be my room in the ER for the next SIX hours.  Once back to the room they had to decided whether or not to continue my test  Personally, I figured that I was already there and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get any discounts for terminating the test, so I was ready to get the "show on the road."  To make this long story shorter, my test was administered in my ER room while I remained hooked to monitors.  I did make it through the entire three hour test with only one more near fainting experience 

After all the blood work was drawn I really thought they weren't going to let me leave there.  At this point Dave had shown up ready to take me away and get me some lunch.  Everyone I had asked had told me that I'd be ready to leave right after my last test was taken.  The ER doctor seemed to have other plans that he wasn't filling me in on.  Finally he came into the room with a sheet of paper that I assume told my results.  I had planned on talking to my OB doctor about these, but thought some results would be nice to know after all this excitement.  Here's where things get pretty funny.  The ER doctor says that I am in the normal range for a normal person, but that's he's not too familar with the gestational diabetes range.  I tell him that this is fine that I am planning on calling my doctor anyway.  He then says, Well, maybe we can find the numbers.  He proceeds to google "gestational diabetes."  I didn't think much about his approach, until he says, Yep, we've done the finger pricks.  Maybe I should try gestational diabetes diagnosis instead.  Once he's found a website that he's satisfied with, he reads me the numbers.  Dave and I are both looking at each other trying not to laugh.  I was sitting there thinking, I could have done this test at home and gathered the results and diagnosed myself, with the help of google, all without spending the day in the Emergency Room.  

I am very happy that this test is behind me and my hopes are to not return to the hospital until Bean Sprout is ready to come out.  But I am not planning on anything.

I still have no official results as I have been sitting here impatiently awaiting the telling call from my doctor.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Wow!  Today was beyond nice.  So nice I feel like sharing why.
  • We are 29 weeks pregnant today.  Only 11 more weeks to go.  
  • I got to sleep in a little.
  • Made perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs.
  • Made it to and through church without passing out.
  • Went to the Hixson Target (I really like this Target).
  • Looked at some really cute baby clothes.
  • Found an awesome [free] photo editing site:
  • Listened to Dave play the banjo.
  • Ate dinner on the porch then afterward played Scrabble and ate watermelon, all while having great conversation with my Dave.
  • Won said game of Scrabble (this rarely, or maybe never happens).
  • Enjoyed the amazing weather ALL DAY LONG.
  • Watched a season finale and premier of The Shield (my favorite).
  • And....I am probably about to go to bed early tonight.  What a great ending to a great day.
It's starting to feel more like September than August, which hopefully means that I'll have more days to enjoy like this.  This sure does make being really pregnant a lot more enjoyable.  

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going on a Church Hunt

Since graduating from high school I really haven't been involved in a church. There are several reasons for my absence, but really no excuses for the amount of time that I did without. When I was younger I was quite involved in my church, I'd be there Sunday morning and night, Wednesday night, and then for anything else that was going on. I must say that I believe church really helped guide me through adolescence. I wasn't a kid that dreaded going to church; although I remember dreading some of the clothes that my mom wanted me to wear on Sunday mornings. Close to graduating my conviction to my church began to drift, and then after graduation I let go of it completely. For me, going to that church didn't move me like it once would. It really felt stagnant and I kept asking myself, "What's the point?" There were several other things that morphed my view of this church too, but overall it didn't feel like "my home" anymore.

I moved out of my parents' house directly after graduating high school, which gave me complete control of my time and actions. I also took a Religions of the East class my first or second semester of college. My first couple of years in college ended up being a time of questioning for me. I wanted to connect dots and draw my own lines to my own conclusions and make things make sense in my head. The more I attempted to answer my own questions, the further I was separating myself from the God that I grew up with. And pretty soon after that I was comfortable with the separation.

Fast forward to a few years later. My once happy-go-lucky soul was broken. My pretty much smooth sailing life hit a rough patch that turned almost everything upside down. My parents told me that they were getting a divorce. To be honest I knew it was probably best, but the surprise and shock of it affected me more than I wish it would have. For the period of time after the news I experience emotions and questions that I hadn't ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I felt lonely, afraid, depressed, broken….I could go on, but to sum up my emotions, I felt empty. Looking back, I am so thankful that Dave was already in my life. At the time we were actually planning our wedding (what a coincidence, huh?). Dave gave me a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, but I was too embarrassed to turn to him as much as I needed to. I had never been an emotional basket case before and I didn't know the first thing about dealing with this on my own. The divorce added so many questions and doubts to my already questioning soul.

That hasn't been that long ago, although I feel like I have grown so much since then. I was 21 at the time of the news, but I was still a kid on the inside. I know that I didn't handle the situation the best way possible, and I would go about it differently if I could. Although through all this, a lot of my questions were answered. Maybe because I had no answers and was afraid to turn to anyone else to try to find them. I let everything bottle up inside me, the good and the bad. Once I got over being sad constantly I realized that there was a conviction in my heart. I realized that my soul was still broken, even though smiling wasn't as tough anymore. I knew what I needed to do; now I just needed to get myself to do it. I told myself that I needed to find a church. What I didn't realize was how difficult getting up and going somewhere on Sunday morning was going to be. There were so many obstacles in the way. Like sleeping in, or going to brunch, or the awesome Sunday morning cooking shows on PBS. The news of the baby made my conviction even stronger. 6 months passed and then one Saturday night I told Dave that I was going to church in the morning and that we needed to decide on one to go to. A few weeks prior to this I had made a post on facebook about finding a church, so I had several recommended options. There was one that I was thinking about going to, but when I looked up info for them it said they weren't having a regular service instead a "getting to know you" luncheon. This wasn't appealing so I immediately thought of Embrace Church, which is a place that I had been meaning to visit for…oh, too long. I found their info online and told Dave that he had to wake me up and help me out with actually going through with this.

We went and we both really enjoyed the service. Not just the service, but the music and the style of preaching and the couches and the breakfast. Both of us had grown up in your more traditional style churches and we had reservations about casual church. After church when we were in the car, we both agreed that the casualness didn't seem like any big deal, and it actually complimented the comfortable atmosphere that the whole place gave off. Everything is kept real simple, which I enjoy. You are encouraged to worship in your own way and nothing at all is forced. So far we have continued to visit for a couple of weeks. It is starting to look like a trend. Next weekend we'll be out of town and the church service is being held in the evening, and I really would like to get back in town so I don't miss it. Now that's a feeling that I haven't felt in a while.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crooked House Update

The Crooked House was completed this past weekend and moved to its home in my in-law's back yard. This weekend was also my niece, Kate's second birthday. The house was revealed and, of coarse, it was a huge hit. Future plans are to build a tree house beside the house. I really wonder how Griffin is ever going to want to come home.

Thanks again, Pops. Your talent continues to amaze us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

28 Weeks Part II

click picture to enlarge

I just got home from the "baby visit," as I just heard Dave describe it. I am a bit on the bummed side right now. I barely failed my glucose screening test. Normally I am not a worrier, but this gets me worried. 140 is the 'passing' number for the test, meaning that you don't have gestational diabetes if you scored that or below; whereas over 200 means that you have it. I scored a 146, a measly 6 points over. What this means is that I fall in the gray area, but on the very low probability end. What this resulted in is the fact that I have to go take a three hour fasting glucose test. I'm not too excited about this. My five second answer of 'yes or no' turned into an entire morning at the hospital. Oh boy, I can't wait!

Oh the bright side, Griffin is getting cuter and cuter. Today's ultrasound was longer than yesterday's, so we were able to see more. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Griffin is looking like a little baby. He has little cheeks….if he's anything like me that's all you'll see on him when he gets here. We didn't get a picture of it, but for a second or two is face was so in focus that I swear I could make out what his little face looks like. I saw both eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his little lips, and chin. Dr. Brody said that Griffin should be around 2.5 pounds now, and he's still all normal. I asked him if he could predict how big Griffin would end up being; I like being prepared if I can be. He said that women my size tend to have smaller babies, and he would guess he'd end up being around seven pounds. I'm shooting for around six pounds so seven isn't too bad. Although I hear that I get no say in this matter.

28 Weeks

28 weeks 1 day

This week I felt a bit of refreshment in the midst of the belly aches and near fainting spells. This week marks the third and final trimester of Griffin's time in my tummy. Only a mere 12 weeks until we get to meet our little Bean Sprout-ONLY TWELVE WEEKS!!! We have already made it through 28 weeks, so hopefully the last 12 will be a breeze. At this point, I have enjoyed the summer and wrapped my head around transforming into a Mom, and I am more than ready for the transformation to happen. I have never ever, ever been so anxious to meet anyone in my life. On top of me meeting our little guy, I can't wait to watch Dave meet him and I can't wait to watch Dave turn into a Daddy. Hopefully I will be coherent enough during the big day to absorb all the changes as fast as I realize that they'll be happening.

I had previously mentioned that I felt like my growing belly was a bit intimidating. Well…It still is, but I have realized that it does come in handy. First I'll explain how it's on the intimidating side. I sometimes forget that it has grown several inches over night, resulting in me unknowingly bumping into everything. Also its growing size has become a hindrance for the largest joint in the body to properly work, the waist joint. At least I now have a growing appreciation for the normal human body. But there was something that I am able to do now that I could not do while not pregnant, and it's something that excites me. For years I have been envious of people that could read books while taking a bath. I remember exactly when this jealousy started; it was while living with my first roommate, Heather. I remember her going to take baths with a book and a glass of red wine after work. I also remember myself trying to take books or magazines into the bath with me and inevitably ruining said reading material. I tried for years, and just couldn't get it right. The other night a friend loaned me a new book to start, and I felt like taking a bath. Yet again I was going to attempt this daunting task. Well guess what this belly did? It worked like a dream to keep the book away from the water and I managed to actually get some of it read, FINALLY I found a solution! So I'd like to now thank my friend Heather for planting this seed in my head several years ago. Granted I have to sacrifice the glass of wine, but that's fine because the amount of relaxation that my new talent yields is quite enough.

Today I am going to the doctor for my gestational diabetes test and to see my Griffin. I actually got to see him yesterday too. I had to leave work because I felt, once again, like I was about to pass out. I went into the doctor and he confirmed what I already that thought was the cause, which is low blood sugar. I have dealt with low blood sugar for several years, so I am quite accustom to it; yet I didn't realize that my metabolism which has been sped up from the pregnancy would make it much more intense than normal. Dr. Brody also reassured me that these spells do not harm the baby or even me, besides making me feel terrible. In the ultrasound yesterday we finally saw what appeared more like a baby face rather than just seeing his skull, which is more scary than it is cute. We saw him moving his little mouth almost like he was trying to tell us something. We'll get more pictures of him today, so I should post them soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning sickness, is that you again?

I was pretty sure that I had paid my dues with the amount of morning sickness that I experienced during my first trimester. Although now I think I may have had the wrong idea. I was warned that morning sickness could rear its head again in the third trimester, but I remained optimistic and thought, "Not with me, it won't." If there is one thing that I have learned with pregnancy, it's that NOTHING is predictable.

In the last couple of weeks I have experienced a few times where I felt close to fainting. I feel really week, my entire body heats up and, my vision is skewed. I (err, I mean Dave) remedy this by lying down, drinking lots of cold water, and eating peanut butter; this seems to do the trick. This can happen even if I have eaten soon before. On top of this happening, every night this week I have been feeling nauseas before I go to bed. I have even jumped up from my sleep feeling like I am getting sick. Thankfully I am fine in the mornings, but it's getting worse as the week continues. I don't like to eat much before I go to bed, so I am running out of ideas to try to "fix" myself. I want to know if this is this a preview for the next 12 weeks. I know I am going through all this for Bean Sprout; and I am willing to go through hell and back if that's what he needs. But at this rate, little Griffin isn't ever going to have the option of having any siblings that aren't dogs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is that House Crooked?

Recently, my extremely talented Father-in-law began working on a little crooked house. I didn't even realize that he was planning on making one; just one day we stopped by their house and there's a little house in the drive way. Now it's just about complete. I believe that it is the cutest little house ever. After Adrian and Griffin are born in November there will be four grandchildren on Dave's side. I just can't wait to see them all playing in the little house.

Thanks Pops!

Week 27

So it took a little while for Bean Sprout to show his bump, but now there's no stopping him. My belly is growing in epic proportions, and its size is beginning to be a little intimidating.

This is the last week of my second trimester. Where has the last 7 months gone? In no time, Griffin will be on the other side of my belly, and Dave and I couldn't be more excited. The second trimester was indeed much friendlier than the first. I had a decent amount of energy, even though I tire quickly. My appetite hasn't been that of a trucker (I don't really understand this analogy) YET….It's definitely getting there. I haven't been too nauseas, which was a nice change from the first trimester where I was constantly nauseas. I haven't been an emotional wreck. I had heard stories of women's emotions going through a whirlwind in their second trimester; but thankfully, I have remained emotionally myself. I have had time to appreciate the miracle that's taking place inside me without being overcome with pain and tiredness. I needed this time.

Next week I go back to the doctor for my gestational diabetes test, and I do hope that there are no signs of this. If there is anything I learned in all my physiology classes, it is that I do NOT want diabetes of any kind. I am not much of a sweet eater, but I do have low blood sugar and I know that that can have an effect on a person as far as the diabetes stuff goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

I had mentioned that we found the crib that I was wanting on Craig's List back when we first found out that we were expecting. It needed to be cleaned and touched up with a little paint, and now it looks brand new. That's another thing to check off the to-do list. The room is taking shape and I can't wait for it all to come together.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goodbye, My Love

Part of me is one big geek. Always have been and I would assume, always will. You'll see how big of a geek in a minute.

I am going to describe yesterday as bittersweet. Bitter because I put a friend to rest, yet sweet for the start of a new one. Yesterday I retired my pretty, shiny, mostly loyal and obedient friend. We had had a strong almost 5 year relationship, and I loved nearly every minute of our time together. It had just come time for our relationship to come to an end. "Why was this?", you ask. Sadly, he just wasn't as shiny as he used to be and he wasn't able to be there for me like he once was. Right now he sits beside me, but I have no use for him anymore. Instead I'll just cherish the good times and the bad times that we experienced together. Especially the long sleepless nights that he kept me company when no one else would. Or how he would help me with my spelling, without making me feel like an idiot. Or how he was only able to tell the beginning of knock-knock jokes. The memories are countless. Maybe you have seen me with my friend. He was silver and had a little white apple on his back and a mouth shaped like a CD drive.

Have you guessed that he was my computer? Well, I am indeed referring to my computer. Like most computers, he aged and became more of a burden than a luxury. In the recent months he was becoming increasingly uncooperative, not allowing me to do my favorite things in which he was involved. It was obvious that he needed to be replaced. For a while Dave figured that we would just do some much needed updates and make him like new. Although the longer that we waited, the more costly the updating was going to be. It turned from needing software updates to needing updated hardware, i.e. a whole new computer.

The cost of a new Apple computer was a bit gut wrenching to get the equivalent of what I currently have. For Dave it was always out of the question to replace him which a new Apple, and I eventually came to terms with this fact. After some looking we found a very nice PC for an equally nice price tag. It had everything that I wanted, plus a few nice extras. Dave went and got it yesterday (this was the sweet part). I have been trying to bond with it today; and so far I don’t hate it. But it is keeping me on my toes. Like just a second ago, I thought I was just typing regularly, but all of a sudden I am typing in an italic subscript font without even knowing that I asked it to do so. We are slowly getting used to each other; and my mind and heart are open to forming a satisfying bond between us. I do appreciate that this one doesn’t feel like it’s causing 2nd degree burn on my legs when using it for more than 5 minutes, and it’s nice to finally use flash based stuff again. It's also nice to finally have a delete and backspace button, instead of just a backspace button. Oh…a biggie that I am excited about—I can finally edit my own pictures without needing Dave’s computer. This will make sharing baby pictures more fun and convienent for me, and in turn make blogging all the more fun.

This may have been a waste of your time to read, but I felt like my faithful friend deserved a proper goodbye. Back to baby soon…very soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a little too hot to think of something clever....

Happy August. It's not my favorite month or anything, so on with it. I knew that I would dread the heat that August had in store...I was right. It has been HOT, and we're just 4 days in. I am not sure if maybe it has seemed so hot since July was somewhat pleasant, or if it's just plain hot no matter what last month was. I have always looked at August as a gateway to September, one of my favorite months. This is possibly because my birthday is in September, or because chilly fall nights make me feel warm inside. Just like every year in the past, I do look forward to this fall, although this one more so than ever before.

I had to practice a bit (or a whole heck of a lot) of self-control today. I stopped by Target today and (obviously) glanced at the baby stuff. It appeared as though they are getting their fall stuff in and boy, was it calling my name! I have already mentioned that I am doing a woodland themed nursery with owls, squirrels, and hedgehogs. Mainly I wanted to do this kind of nursery because it was stuff that
I liked. Pre-pregnancy I was drawn to this same sort of stuff and also I have wanted a pet hedgehog for years now. I can’t really tell you why I am obsessed with them, besides that I think that they’re incredibly adorable. Well to my delight, and my detriment, Target’s Dwell Studio brand has an entire collection of hedgehog baby attire. I stood there with my mouth hanging open just wanting to buy it all up. My intention to calm my baby clothes craving was to rush home to write about it. I was hoping to find the stuff on Target’s website, but sadly it’s not there. I did happen to snap a picture of the blanket in the collection, so I’ll share it. Enough about that, the writing didn’t calm my craving any.

When I asked my doctor when I would start showing, he told me that Dave could see the bump around 20 weeks and then the world would see at 26 weeks. I thought he was crazy...26 weeks is six and a half months! Well turns out, he was basically right. Last week I think some clothes didn’t quite accentuate the bump, but this week nothing is hiding it. It’s beginning to look like there is sporting equipment being stored in my belly, and it’s kind of feeling like it too. Before now it seemed like I could tell a difference in my size week to week, but now it seems like there are noticeable little changes day to day. And to think, we’re not even to the third trimester.

26 weeks 2 days

Chiropractor update: I went and I didn’t really like the guy. That, and I am not sure if it’s really worth the cost and the hassle. I am a little bitter over my short experience with him, so I think I have officially quit going. Instead I plan on getting a soothing pregnancy massage from Natural Body. I hear they’re to die for.