Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Griffin really loves watermelon.  And by really, I mean REALLYREALLYREALLY loves it.  He is his mother's son.  I am addicted.  I know no limits when it comes to the fruit, and I'm fine eating till I'm in shear pain.  We're pretty sure we've watched him to the same thing.  I didn't think that he had any favorites before this, thinking that he just loved eating.  However, it's very clear that this is his favorite.  

I was about to tell him the catch about watermelon, you know, that it's only available and good for just a short amount of time.  But Dave stopped me, telling me not to ruin his fun.  Good thinking, Dave, good thinking.

More proof:


  1. Really!! I think we are related! Elle yells at me for more! It always looks like she killed someone after eating it. Red juice running everywhere!

  2. Ella loves it too and gets so upset when we are done eating it! The funny thing is, I couldn't get enough watermelon when I was pregnant with her! good!

  3. Aww so cute! I bet you're doing a lot of laundry lately! :) I need to figure out how to edit pics like you do, what software do you use? I think I read that you have a mac now - I do too.