Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Trick and a Good Laugh

Just last week I caught Griffin clapping his hands, instead of his usual slapping them by his side.  It's so funny to watch.  The clap is usually accompanied by a big ol' proud smile.  He claps at the table, when listening to his dad play music, during someone's conversation.  He claps because he wants to and rarely will mimic us doing it.

**He clapped as I was playing this before posting.  I guess he's glad I'm sharing it.

The other part of this post was inspired by another mom's blog that I was reading during nap time.  She stuck torn tissue to her nose and slowly said, "my mommy sells pigeons" then blew the tissue.  Griffin's reaction to this was priceless.  I even thought to set the camera up, so I was able to catch his first reaction.  The first video I had just thrown the camera on his changing pad so you see half of that in the entire video--sorry.  My cheeks are starting to hurt from all the smiling that this caused.

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