Thursday, July 8, 2010

From the Yard to the Table

We love our garden.  Having it is absolutely awesome.  But do you know what would make it even more awesome?  If we could have it year round (and if it could grow grilled cheese sandwiches).  My favorite part of the garden:  having food in the backyard.  I also have a deep love for simplicity, and having food just appear out of the ground is about as simple as you can get.  

The point of this post is not to bore you with my love affair with my silly little garden, it's to tell you about Griffin loving it too.  I have mentioned before that he and Dave go out every single day to hunt for the day's harvest.  Usually G sits in his little chair and supervises.  It may or may not be his most favorite part of the day, but I think it's Dave's.  Sometimes, G even does a little quality control for us.  The other day he bit a chunk of zucchini and determined that it was too delicious not to have for dinner.  

Griffin is much closer to mastering eating "big people" food. (I didn't know if saying "table food" would make it sound like we've been feeding him dog food.)  He's not overfilling his mouth and gagging up most of his bites anymore, as he's figured out that a slow and steady pace makes dinner far less traumatic.  He sure seemed to enjoy the chicken, zucchini, tomato pasta that I whipped up for dinner last night.  Even being happy to have some for lunch the next day.  (First alert: leftovers for lunch!)

On a somewhat unrelated note, I wanted to share this video that we took of Griffin at dinner last night.  I should first remind you that Griffin only sleeps in his crib, in his carseat, and sometimes while being held and , but NEVER has he fallen asleep anywhere else.

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