Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taking a Stand

Isn't standing in chairs for toddlers and not for itty bitty squishy babies?  What?  Don't try to tell me he's not still itty bitty, even if he's the height and weight of some one year olds.  This still isn't baby behavior.

We were out for our daily trip to the garden and I was turned around taking this picture of Jack: 
and I turn around to see Griffin standing in his chair.  Whaaaattt?!  I figured Dave, who was supervising our baby's actions, had stood him up in it.  He had assured me that he had not, and that Griffin went from sitting in his chair to turning himself around and standing up.  

As you can see, he's rather proud of his accomplishment.  He even goes on to say, "Look ma, one hand!"  

Since he has started pulling up, he hasn't lost any interest.  He's keeping me on my toes as I rushing to his side to catch him if he falls, yet he continues to surprise me as he more and more stable on his feet.  I suppose this is just another step closer to walking and independence.

Oh Griffin, please slow down.

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