Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Finding the Joy {part 1}

There's been a little button on the right side of the page for a couple of weeks now.  It's for the photography workshop that I'm currently participating in.  I found out about the workshop from a friend's blog who had signed up before me.  I had been interested in taking a class or following around someone who could teach me  figure out how to use our camera to its potential.  I couldn't find any classes locally and after doing quite of bit of searching, I couldn't find any other online classes either.  This is the first online workshop that Willette  has put on, so I kind of felt like we were taking a gamble signing me up for it.

It's a six week class that focuses on taking pictures of children.  It's not so much about taking posed pictures, but more so about finding the joy in life.  I really had my doubts before the class started, but now at the end of week 5 I'm very happy that I've had the opportunity to be a part of this.

The best thing so far that I've gotten from the class is not to be afraid to use my camera.  This wasn't necessarily a lesson that was in the curriculum for the class, but one that I had to learn on my own in order to complete assignments.  Before, I was too timid to pull it out in certain situations, like around my grandparents (don't ask me why).  But one of the first things that the class got me thinking about was to capture these memories RIGHT NOW.  I want a million pictures of Griffin with my Nana, but I'm not going to get them if I'm too scared to whip out the camera.  I also am funny to not take pictures when other people are (I know, I'm just plain odd).  There have been countless times that I've put my camera away because of this, then been upset that I've missed out on some great shots.  I'm working on this now instead of succumbing to my fear (of sorts).

Secondly, I now have a much better understanding of my camera.  Beforehand this is what I wanted to get from the class.  I've had a dSLR since December, and since then I've read and read and read how to use it.  I had read the words ISO, aperture, and shutter speed a million times, but I couldn't tell you how they worked together.  I knew before that I didn't want to take pictures in auto mode and I didn't want to use the flash, but I fumbled around trying to get the shots I wanted.  I really thought that getting a picture in bright sunlight or in a dark room was pretty much hopeless.  Oh...the power of knowledge is a wonderful thing!  I'm now shooting in manual mode without having to cross my fingers for a decent shot, I haven't used the flash in nearly six weeks, and I even understand what light metering is.  In other words, I am closer to understanding what my camera is doing.  I still have so much to learn, but I'm few steps closer to feeling confident that I can capture our memories.

This week is last of the six week class.  Each week focuses on different themes, like relationships and routines, etc..  It was challenging photographing only a seven month old, realizing that he really only eats, sleeps, and plays..  Needless to say we have lots of pictures of those activities.  Granted, I now feel like I have more of perspective of what I want to capture.  The class also included lessons in Photoshop.  I've messed around with PS since high school, but always felt like it was more trial and error than anything.  Now PS makes A LOT more sense.

I by no means feel like a professional, but I now feel like I can be happy with my work.  My goal was to be able to have photographs that my family and I can be proud of, and possibly save some money from depending on the professionals.  I really do love taking pictures and the curiosity that I have for it is endless.  I think I may just consider this my new hobby.

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  1. Ok girl now it is time for you to teach me how to use my dslr. I have had it for a long time and I am still shooting in manual mode. = (