Monday, July 5, 2010

8 months

Month by month.
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Everyday Griffin is less and less baby like and baby steps closer to being a toddler.  Everything from the way he looks, the sounds he makes, and the way he interacts with us....what happened to my little baby?!

His biggest accomplishment (in my opinion) is sleeping without a swaddle.  Hallelujah!  I was seriously getting worried we'd need to start using twin size sheets pretty soon as he was too long for the flannel recieving blankets.  I had actually I had made some larger swaddling blankets for him out of thin muslin, and as soon as I finished them he stopped needing to be swaddled...ha!  For a while now he'd break free from the swaddle during the night, but  needed it to get to sleep.  I decided to give him a bit of a nudge toward sleeping normally, so I would just lay him down after brunch, turn on his music, and leave the room.  Thankfully it worked well and pretty soon the swaddle was just a memory.    So now I have a baby that puts himself to sleep with only a little music.  I consider this a huge blessing.

We're trying to move to three meals a day.  It's been a little complicated since he's usually napping during lunch and we eat dinner pretty early.  We'll get it figured out pretty soon.  He still LOVES to eat and we still haven't found anything that he doesn't like.  He's gotten really good at eating finger foods, which in turn keeps him occupied for good periods of time.  He's moved from mushing the food in his mouth to actually chewing it... less like a baby, I tell you.

He's still finding his inch worm crawl efficient and gets around pretty quickly.  In the last couple of weeks he's been much more interested in pulling up on whatever he can.  He had been doing it in his crib for a while, but he just started in front of us recently.  This is causing more of a watchful eye to be on him, since unfortunately we don't have many things that make this an easy task.
And lastly is something that I'd like some advise for.  He's now having a preference for Dave or me to hold him.  Before if he was upset about something anyone could pick him up and console him.  Now, he often continues to cry until either of us take him.  As a mom this feels nice that I can fix his woes, but at the same time I don't to be the only one that can fix problems.  This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it's more and more often.  

He still continues to make me feel like the luckiest mom in the world and I really have absolutely nothing to complain about.  (Except that we're only four months from having a one year old.  Eek!!)

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