Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Find

Dave loves only a few things more than waking up on Saturday mornings and going yard/estate sale hunting.  Knowing that today was going to be a lovely day, I suggested that we do a little homework Friday night to find some good ones this morning.

The first one that we came to was lucky door #1.  Right inside I found a blue glass Mason jar; I recently decided that I wanted a couple colored old jars,  and it was mine for a good price.  On the way back to the car to grab some cash, we stopped in the garage and found two sets of lockers.  These lockers were calling my name.  They were in good shape and I assumed that they would probably asking a pretty penny for them.  The price that the older man quoted us made us think of all the possibilities and made both Dave and me want them even more.  We were set on getting one of them to go in Griffin's room once we move the Mama chair out.  I had already decided to clean it up and paint it a fun muted shade of blue.  I imagined little die cast cars lining a shelf or two and Dave envisioned a stack of comic books and a cap gun.  Dave even mentioned putting a lock on one when Griffin is a little older so he would have a place to hide his secret stash, I'm  guessing his candy cigarettes and temporary tattoos.

It was fun playing around with the ideas, so we took both of them.  (The kind older man gave us a fabulous deal.)  It will be such a fun piece to have in his room and I am way too anxious to clean it up and make sure my idea works.
I do love the sign on the side, it's two women sitting at a table and says, "Break time, not shrink time!"  Maybe I'll keep that there.

I rarely find fun things at these kinds of sales, so I may have reached my estate sale climax today.  However, if I would of had an extra $500 dollars with me I could have gotten the most beautiful dining room set, but I didn't.  That and I already have a sufficient dining table now.

It was a great start to a picture perfect day.  The sun was shining and we were all smiling.  Here's to many many more days like today!

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