Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reason #1,000,004 I Love my David

I know what you're possibly thinking right now, "Because he buys you flowers, Kristen."  However, that is not where I am going with this.

Friday Dave comes home from work later than I expected.  There were flowers in a grocery bag that he's carrying.  I smile and then realize that these flowers aren't necessarily for me.  He then proceeds to tell me how he stopped by one store after work and was unimpressed with their flower selection, so he made a second stop to make his purchase. 

So far this story isn't out of the norm, a lot of men buy flowers on their way home from work, right?

He spent nearly ten minutes looking for THE vase, while calling the washed pickle and jelly jars too country for what he was going for.  

I sat down to feed Griffin and Dave sat down at the table with the flowers and vase.  He had purchased two different bundles (like he normally does) and I had figured that I'd be the one arranging them.  I watched as he carefully trimmed all the flowers and placed each one in it's perfect place, instead of plopping them in carelessly.  He made a comment that he didn't understand why stores carried mixed bouquets, since they all look like crap (to him).  And that he was always able to make something that looks much nicer.  He is right.  

Afterwards he brought his arrangement over to me and asked if I saw any holes that he needed to fill or if he should trim a few more flowers to make the bouquet more rounded.  Proud of his work, he placed the flowers on top of the piano.  

We have company coming this week and he, without being asked, was just doing his part to make the house a little more inviting.  This was a reminder to me of how awesome my David is.

*footnote:  I was given permission to tell this story--reason #1,000,005 I love him.

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