Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why did you have to end so soon, September?

September is usually my favorite month; however this one seemed far too short. My birthday falls on the 29th, and usually I start counting down in June. Basically I end up counting the summer away, but that's always been okay with me. This year I made it a point not to count down and speed the summer, let alone the month of September, away. My goal has been to absorb as much time as I could before Griffin decides to come, as I have realized that life is far too short to rush along. One of the benefits of this blog is to give me a place to record the going-on's of my life so that I don't forget the important things or even the little things. Even though time seems to slip away so quickly, I hope I can hold onto each memory that is made with Dave or family or friends or even strangers.

This past weekend we headed to Charlotte to be a part of Dave's best friend's wedding. I am so grateful that my body was functioning enough to allow me to join in the festivities. The wedding was held at a rock quarry and was beyond gorgeous. The wedding itself was lovely and very much "them." The beauty of the wedding and the tasty food helped to hide how exhausted the weekend made me. Unfortunately it rained for the whole day, which lead to being water logged and made the preparation and clean up just a little bit harder. By the time that we were finished cleaning up and ready to leave every single joint in my body was on fire. I can't wait till I am able to move in double time without feeling like I am about to fall apart at the seams.

It feels like there is still so much to get done before Griffin's birthday; and now it's almost October. October! Only one single month left—ONE! I do hope that we're able to get everything complete, since it's driving me a bit crazy not being. It's going to be hard keeping myself from playing outside since the weather is playing nice. All the rain that we had over the last couple of weeks brought an overcast to my mood. It was especially disheartening because my grandparents were affected by the nasty flood. Thankfully the storms are past us and the leaves are making the transformation from green to yellow to red and orange. This will make the last six weeks of my pregnancy a lot more cheery.

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