Tuesday, September 15, 2009

32 Weeks. AKA 8 Months

My intentions were to write this post Sunday, but my sleep deprivation has taken away most of my motivation to do much of anything. The further along we get, the more gratitude and joy I feel, making all the little things that I've whined about in the past seem so petty. I suppose it's the transformation into motherhood that is really taking over. I'm no longer my top priority; my pains really aren't that bad, as long as my son is okay. I feel such guilt for whining as much as I did.
Not whining now, instead just stating, I am now in the insomniac phase of pregnancy. No matter how tired I feel, sleeping just isn't working out. I got one of my 'What to Expect When Expecting' emails yesterday that was "Coping with Insomnia," if I wasn't so tired I'd read it. I know this is just getting me ready for the sleepless nights with Griffin; it's just the transition that is rougher than I'd like it to be. I think I see a caffeine addiction in my future.
So in my last post, I had mentioned being on the lookout for Braxton Hicks contractions. Turns out that I had already had one last week, I just didn't know what I was feeling. I've also had one this week. The first one kind of felt like a Charlie horse in my belly. My entire belly turned rock hard and I couldn't move much while it lasted. It wasn't bad though, only lasting a few seconds. There are still a few questions that I have about them but I see the doctor tomorrow, so if I can remember I'll ask. Speaking of tomorrow, we've been excited about it for a while, now it's crazy it's almost here. Tomorrow we have our 4D ultrasound! Hopefully little Bean Sprout will be playing along and show us his little face, I really am beside myself to see him. Today is my appointment to see the gestational diabetes advisor, or as Dr. B called her, the 'sugar nazi.' I hope this appointment is eye opening since I still feel a little in the dark over different things to eat. This hasn't scared me as much as I thought it was going to, and actually I am looking forward to the new diet. (However I have been having dreams of Thanksgiving dinner J)
A lot is going on now and will continue that way until late October. I hope we are able to still absorb the whole adventure while moving with such momentum. We have two doctor appointments this week, and then several things planned for this weekend. And next weekend is our trip to Charlotte for the Dave's best friend's wedding. The following Tuesday, the 29th is my birthday (cough, cough) and a lot is planned for that weekend. Things don't stop there, but I won't bore you with the details. My point is that before we have a chance to take it easy again, it will be November the 8th. Overwhelming yet exciting.
I had mentioned in my last post doing something special to celebrate eight months. A while back an old friend of mine, Brian McDonald, offered to do some maternity portraits for us. I hadn't really considered having any done, but was quite excited after he offered. This Sunday we met up at Coolidge Park and followed Brian's lead. He posted a couple as a preview, so I'll share. I really like what I see and can't wait to see the rest. And more than anything, it will be nice to have something to look back on to remember this time in our lives. I will still be posting our regular belly picture, although we haven't got around to doing them yet.

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  1. You are reaching the end! I am so excited for you. It is amazing how you learn to function on literally no sleep. My girls took forever to sleep through the night. I think it is completely related to nursing. The benefits of nursing far out weight the pain of waking up all night. I have sworn to myself that this time I will have to be much more firm about night time sleeping since I will be responsible for 3 children during the day. Best wishes and what beautiful pics!!