Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project: Nursery

I was really hoping that my nesting phase would bring me lots of motivation to clean and organize everything.  Instead it has upped my creative energy and made me think of a million projects to start, none of which include cleaning or organizing.

For quite a while now I have considered making Griffin's mobile.  I had looked for one I liked in stores but couldn't find anything to my liking.  I had seen a few on Etsy, but they weren't exactly what I had in mind and the ones that I almost liked were quite pricey.  Browsing on Etsy also gave me a few ideas and slowly I told myself that I could make one.  Now, I have a knack for polymer clay but not for needles and thread.  A few months ago my Mother-in-law taught me how to sew and use my sewing machine, but I still categorized myself less than a beginner. 

One night I had an itch to go get the supplies to make a mobile and headed to Hobby Lobby.  I grabbed some felt and embroidery floss and headed home to see what I could whip up.  I drew and drew until I had a pattern that worked for a little owl.

I decided on four little owls and thought maybe a little tree for the middle.  I surprised myself by cranking out the four owls in a night and a morning.  I had to make another trip to Hobby Lobby for the hanging apparatus and the tree fabric.  Dave helped me by putting the wood parts together. 

There's still a few things that I need to do before it's complete, but I am quite excited about it.  And, the best part, it cost me less than $10. 

In the meantime I decided that I could enlarge the owl pattern and make a pillow/stuffed owl.  I used the fabric that I used on the treetop and instead of felt used brown corduroy.  I had to machine stitch this guy; however my sewing machine happened to be possessed (maybe operator error) and this pillow took way way too long.  Overall it's not perfect but it's still a little cute.  I will tell you I've had my sewing fix for quite some time.

Still on my list of to-do's is painting a mural near the crib, yet another thing I've never tackled.  These crazy hormones are doing a number on me.  I've gone back and forth on doing this mural, but right now I'm on board.  If I don't do it soon I probably will be talking myself out of it again. 

I am starting to think that cleaning the house would have an easier task.

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  1. What awesome owls you made! I totally love the mobile! Happy Birthday!