Friday, September 4, 2009

Newest Addition

So if there is anything that I am is musically capable of anything.  Dave, on the other hand, would be the polar opposite.  Any instrument he touches seems to make beautiful noise in just a matter of seconds.  Most of the time I appreciate his infinite amount of talent, other times I am green with envy.

Dave has been wanting a piano for a little while, and we really had a space that would work for one.  When I first found out that he was serious about wanting one all I could hear was the noise of a toddler banging on the keys.  Then this past weekend while we were at my cousins' house in Huntsville, I heard Dave play along with the guitar while my cousins, Peyton and Isabella, played the piano.  Ahh.....I wouldn't call that noise at all.  So now the plan is to have Griffin classically trained on the piano before he's potty trained.  Maybe, although I'm not counting on it, I could learn to play Chopsticks or Mary Had a Little Lamb during Griffin's training sessions.

We found the piano on Craigslist and it was pretty much exactly what we were wanting.  Very simple lines and dark color, and has the smell of a nursing home.  ;)  It needs a bit of cleaning up, but it has years and years of potential here in the Jeffers' abode.  


  1. With a muse like Lucy, it's hard not to make beautiful music.

    The serious look on my face makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

  2. You will love it! You will want to learn how to play, too! I played when I was younger,but had forgotten everything! I asked my parents for their piano a couple of years ago. I have taken lessons again, off and on. I plan to really learn again soon!