Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not in Today's Agenda

 This is NOT what I was suppose to look like today.
Today my plan was to go the hospital to take my 3 hour fasting blood glucose test.  I thought that this was all that I had planned  Once again I was reminded that absolutely NOTHING about pregnancy is predictable.

I had not had anything to drink or eat since 10:00 last night.  I arrived at the hospital around 7:30 this morning and after checking in, I was escorted back to the lab to get my fasting glucose level.  I will mentioned that I felt fine before and during this test.  I was sent back to the waiting room to wait for the pharmacy to send the Glucola, to begin the 3 hour test.  About 5 minutes after being sent back to the waiting room I began to feel light headed and weak, my body got really hot and began to sweat, and I was having trouble seeing.  I was thinking Oh, boy...we haven't even got started yet.  I was able to get up and ask the waiting room secretary if there was anywhere to lie down.  Next thing I know a stretcher is being wheeled in the room and a big man is picking me up and putting me on it. 

I ended up in what would be my room in the ER for the next SIX hours.  Once back to the room they had to decided whether or not to continue my test  Personally, I figured that I was already there and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get any discounts for terminating the test, so I was ready to get the "show on the road."  To make this long story shorter, my test was administered in my ER room while I remained hooked to monitors.  I did make it through the entire three hour test with only one more near fainting experience 

After all the blood work was drawn I really thought they weren't going to let me leave there.  At this point Dave had shown up ready to take me away and get me some lunch.  Everyone I had asked had told me that I'd be ready to leave right after my last test was taken.  The ER doctor seemed to have other plans that he wasn't filling me in on.  Finally he came into the room with a sheet of paper that I assume told my results.  I had planned on talking to my OB doctor about these, but thought some results would be nice to know after all this excitement.  Here's where things get pretty funny.  The ER doctor says that I am in the normal range for a normal person, but that's he's not too familar with the gestational diabetes range.  I tell him that this is fine that I am planning on calling my doctor anyway.  He then says, Well, maybe we can find the numbers.  He proceeds to google "gestational diabetes."  I didn't think much about his approach, until he says, Yep, we've done the finger pricks.  Maybe I should try gestational diabetes diagnosis instead.  Once he's found a website that he's satisfied with, he reads me the numbers.  Dave and I are both looking at each other trying not to laugh.  I was sitting there thinking, I could have done this test at home and gathered the results and diagnosed myself, with the help of google, all without spending the day in the Emergency Room.  

I am very happy that this test is behind me and my hopes are to not return to the hospital until Bean Sprout is ready to come out.  But I am not planning on anything.

I still have no official results as I have been sitting here impatiently awaiting the telling call from my doctor.

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  1. Why don't you Google "Kristen's 3 hour fasting blood glucose test results?" Thats what the Dr.'s are doing.