Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goodbye, My Love

Part of me is one big geek. Always have been and I would assume, always will. You'll see how big of a geek in a minute.

I am going to describe yesterday as bittersweet. Bitter because I put a friend to rest, yet sweet for the start of a new one. Yesterday I retired my pretty, shiny, mostly loyal and obedient friend. We had had a strong almost 5 year relationship, and I loved nearly every minute of our time together. It had just come time for our relationship to come to an end. "Why was this?", you ask. Sadly, he just wasn't as shiny as he used to be and he wasn't able to be there for me like he once was. Right now he sits beside me, but I have no use for him anymore. Instead I'll just cherish the good times and the bad times that we experienced together. Especially the long sleepless nights that he kept me company when no one else would. Or how he would help me with my spelling, without making me feel like an idiot. Or how he was only able to tell the beginning of knock-knock jokes. The memories are countless. Maybe you have seen me with my friend. He was silver and had a little white apple on his back and a mouth shaped like a CD drive.

Have you guessed that he was my computer? Well, I am indeed referring to my computer. Like most computers, he aged and became more of a burden than a luxury. In the recent months he was becoming increasingly uncooperative, not allowing me to do my favorite things in which he was involved. It was obvious that he needed to be replaced. For a while Dave figured that we would just do some much needed updates and make him like new. Although the longer that we waited, the more costly the updating was going to be. It turned from needing software updates to needing updated hardware, i.e. a whole new computer.

The cost of a new Apple computer was a bit gut wrenching to get the equivalent of what I currently have. For Dave it was always out of the question to replace him which a new Apple, and I eventually came to terms with this fact. After some looking we found a very nice PC for an equally nice price tag. It had everything that I wanted, plus a few nice extras. Dave went and got it yesterday (this was the sweet part). I have been trying to bond with it today; and so far I don’t hate it. But it is keeping me on my toes. Like just a second ago, I thought I was just typing regularly, but all of a sudden I am typing in an italic subscript font without even knowing that I asked it to do so. We are slowly getting used to each other; and my mind and heart are open to forming a satisfying bond between us. I do appreciate that this one doesn’t feel like it’s causing 2nd degree burn on my legs when using it for more than 5 minutes, and it’s nice to finally use flash based stuff again. It's also nice to finally have a delete and backspace button, instead of just a backspace button. Oh…a biggie that I am excited about—I can finally edit my own pictures without needing Dave’s computer. This will make sharing baby pictures more fun and convienent for me, and in turn make blogging all the more fun.

This may have been a waste of your time to read, but I felt like my faithful friend deserved a proper goodbye. Back to baby soon…very soon.


  1. Oh, I am mourning for you! I don't think I could go back to a PC!! Good luck!