Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Lesson in Humility

I am finally home settling in from a busy, yet exciting weekend. Saturday, Dave, my brother Jacob, and I ventured into Alabama for a wedding. Then after the wedding Dave and I went to Huntsville to visit with my cousins. We had a fabulous time talking and catching up with them, of which we had a lot to do. During my pregnancy story telling I was made aware that I hadn't shared one of my funnier experiences on my blog. I may have mentioned it, but I haven't actually told the story. Part of my mission when starting this blog was to share my experiences, no matter how humiliating they might be. So here's to keeping my word.

A few Sundays ago Dave and I had slept in, so much so that we couldn't make it to church. We did wake up hungry and wanted to get out of the house for a while, so we decided to go have brunch downtown. We weren't in the biggest hurry so it took us a while to finally leave the house and it ended up being somewhere around two when we left. Somehow I had managed to not eat a thing for breakfast, but didn't notice—YET.

I was putting on my makeup in the car on the ride downtown and started getting a little car sick. I figured that this was just the result of staring in the mirror. I finished with this and went back to watching the road. Instead of the slight nausea going away, I began to feel quite faint and felt my entire body heat up. I could feel sweat dripping from my face, my ears were ringing, and my heart was racing. We didn't have anything to eat or drink in the car so I moaned to Dave that we needed to head home. However, I did realize that our destination was much closer than turning around and arriving at home.

Dave using his better judgment decides to get off at the next exit and head for Greenlife Grocery. For those of you not in Chattanooga, Greenlife is an upscale organic grocery store that has an outdoor patio area for people to eat. At this point I am laying as flat as I can in the front seat with my feet up on the dash, legs apart, and skirt hiked up trying to use the maxed out AC to my advantage. Also at this point whenever I open my eyes it looks, and feels, as though a bright light is being shone directly into them. Basically I couldn't see anything. Dave swings into a parking space and asks what I want; I tell him to get me a Coke and water. He then rushes inside. He's back to me pretty quickly but lets me know that he was a little upset to find that Greenlife doesn't sell any Coke products. I now have this mental picture in my head that he painted for me where he is standing in front of this huge fridge case of beverages in a huge hurry, half upset there's no Coke and half confused because now he has no idea what will cure my crazy issues. But like the awesome husband that he is, he brings me back a can of sparkling ginger spritzer and a bottle of low alkaline water, just what I needed: carbonation and sugar. As I sit up to drink my fancy spritzer and regain my vision, I notice that we are parked in the expectant mothers' spot which, of course, is directly in front of the entrance and the patio area. I find myself immediately ready to leave this parking lot.

I will mention here that Dave loves to use the expectant mothers' parking spaces wherever they are available. I, however, don't like using them, especially if he is with me. I always ask him if he can see that my legs are still working, and tell him that a little walking won't kill me. Conversely I didn't argue with him about using the spot during this occasion, and actually it made total sense that he did. To add a little detail to the outsider's view of this, I didn't really appear very pregnant at this point. So now, imagine you're walking out of Greenlife after purchasing some fancy organic something-another's, heading to your Prius, and you see me. This probably isn't the first place to expect to see a girl flailing around a car with her panties exposed for all to see. Oh well, that is life.

I finally came to and the restaurant was in the next building over, so we both decided it was best to go ahead and carry on with our brunch plans. I have sweat running down my legs and my chest and my face, it kind of looks like I had just finished a marathon and sort of felt like it too. My plans were to go straight for the restroom once inside to clean myself off. The hostess asks how many and as soon as we tell her I ask where the restrooms are. She then says, "Oh, they are upstairs right next to where we'll be seating you." "Great," I'm thinking; I can feel how disgusting I look. Finally after trekking up two flights of stairs I find refuge in the restroom. I washed off the humility and was ready to enjoy my brunch.

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  1. You always put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing!