Tuesday, August 18, 2009

28 Weeks

28 weeks 1 day

This week I felt a bit of refreshment in the midst of the belly aches and near fainting spells. This week marks the third and final trimester of Griffin's time in my tummy. Only a mere 12 weeks until we get to meet our little Bean Sprout-ONLY TWELVE WEEKS!!! We have already made it through 28 weeks, so hopefully the last 12 will be a breeze. At this point, I have enjoyed the summer and wrapped my head around transforming into a Mom, and I am more than ready for the transformation to happen. I have never ever, ever been so anxious to meet anyone in my life. On top of me meeting our little guy, I can't wait to watch Dave meet him and I can't wait to watch Dave turn into a Daddy. Hopefully I will be coherent enough during the big day to absorb all the changes as fast as I realize that they'll be happening.

I had previously mentioned that I felt like my growing belly was a bit intimidating. Well…It still is, but I have realized that it does come in handy. First I'll explain how it's on the intimidating side. I sometimes forget that it has grown several inches over night, resulting in me unknowingly bumping into everything. Also its growing size has become a hindrance for the largest joint in the body to properly work, the waist joint. At least I now have a growing appreciation for the normal human body. But there was something that I am able to do now that I could not do while not pregnant, and it's something that excites me. For years I have been envious of people that could read books while taking a bath. I remember exactly when this jealousy started; it was while living with my first roommate, Heather. I remember her going to take baths with a book and a glass of red wine after work. I also remember myself trying to take books or magazines into the bath with me and inevitably ruining said reading material. I tried for years, and just couldn't get it right. The other night a friend loaned me a new book to start, and I felt like taking a bath. Yet again I was going to attempt this daunting task. Well guess what this belly did? It worked like a dream to keep the book away from the water and I managed to actually get some of it read, FINALLY I found a solution! So I'd like to now thank my friend Heather for planting this seed in my head several years ago. Granted I have to sacrifice the glass of wine, but that's fine because the amount of relaxation that my new talent yields is quite enough.

Today I am going to the doctor for my gestational diabetes test and to see my Griffin. I actually got to see him yesterday too. I had to leave work because I felt, once again, like I was about to pass out. I went into the doctor and he confirmed what I already that thought was the cause, which is low blood sugar. I have dealt with low blood sugar for several years, so I am quite accustom to it; yet I didn't realize that my metabolism which has been sped up from the pregnancy would make it much more intense than normal. Dr. Brody also reassured me that these spells do not harm the baby or even me, besides making me feel terrible. In the ultrasound yesterday we finally saw what appeared more like a baby face rather than just seeing his skull, which is more scary than it is cute. We saw him moving his little mouth almost like he was trying to tell us something. We'll get more pictures of him today, so I should post them soon.

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