Tuesday, July 21, 2009

24 Weeks Down, 16 (or so) To Go.

Today we had our 24 week doctor’s visit and as always we got to see our wiggly little Bean Sprout, opps—I mean Griffin. The visit wasn’t too eventful so I used the time to ask lots of questions about labor and what to expect. BS is growing and I felt a little sorry for him that he was all scrunched up in there. It was fun to see what is causing the movements that I’m feeling. Dr. Brody said that he should be around 13 inches now—Holy Cow!! Already? Don’t they only get to be like 18 or 19 inches? I’m clueless here, so I’m really not sure. I asked lots of questions about labor, induction, and epidurals and he really made me feel comfortable with my plan. (I may go into this in more detail later.) He even said that I could eat before I deliver! Woohoo...it’s not going to be as bad as I thought.

Last week I signed Dave and me up for a few baby classes. I wouldn’t have predicted it, but I am rather excited about these classes. For the most part I am enjoying the “ignorance is bliss” way of going about doing things, but I suppose a little insight never hurt anyone. I am hoping that these classes not only provide helpful information, but also a little entertainment. Although I don’t expect the classes to intend on being entertaining, I know that watching Dave sit through Breastfeeding 101 should provide quite a few smiles for me. We’re also taking a class on what to do with the baby once he gets here, like how to bathe him and diaper him and other necessary things. I hope that Dave is paying extra attention in that one.

We have one more four week appointment, which will be the beginning of the THIRD TRIMESTER! There are only three, right? ;) After that appointment I will begin going every two weeks. That sure is a lot of time spent at the doctor’s office, but I do enjoy that place quite a bit, so I know I won’t have any complaints. Also I will schedule my 4D ultrasound at 30 weeks for 32 weeks. I can’t wait for that, not just for the novelty of it but I am pretty sure that they give us a DVD to take home (his first home video). I should be able to the video on here, but more so I am excited to let my Nana see the baby moving around in there. I know it will mean as much for her as it does for me.

The pictures from today’s ultrasound don’t show a whole lot, so I don’t think I will post them. Although there is a good picture of the lens of his eye....woah.... He head is still skull like and not so much baby-looking yet. I am still having quite a bit of back pain that, sadly, hasn’t gone anywhere. I did get the name of a chiropractor, so maybe, hopefully, relief is near.

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