Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh BOY, oh BOY, oh BOY!!!

Today was the big day, the day which we were allowed to get excited, the day where we found out what we were "getting." Three weeks ago I didn't think that my heart was going to be able to make it three whole weeks without exploding. For three weeks I had to be open minded to the possibility of either a girl or a boy, and in the last couple of days of the last three weeks I lost my gut feeling telling me that there was a little boy in my tummy. But today...today God answered my prayers, today proved my gut right, and today I felt a joy like I didn't believe was possible. My Bean Sprout, my former "it," is a HE!!!
WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Dave and I are both beyond excited, and can't wait to meet Mr. Bean Sprout.

The stars were aligned this weekend and it worked out perfectly that it was a holiday weekend. I was able to get some nice relaxation and rest in without having a ton of plans or obligations. I am not one to normally stress, but I need "down time" to be my normal stress-less self. I wasn't necessarily stressing over the gender of our baby, more just stressing over not knowing. Our weekend was full of good timing events. For instance, Saturday we napped until 8:30 and got up ready for dinner. I woke up thinking about going to Ghengis Grill which Dave doesn't really like, but agreed to. It was cold inside, so I wanted to sit outside and a little after our food came out fireworks went off and we had a perfect view from our table. That worked out great. We walked around downtown after we ate and then as soon as we got home, it rained like crazy. The nice weekend led to the niceness of today.

My appointment was at 2:30 and if I wouldn't have had to work today, I may have just showed up at the doctor's office as soon as they opened. As soon as Dr. Brody put the wand to my belly, Bean Sprout was in position to tell us that he is all boy. Today he wasn't nearly as squirmy as usual and (obviously) we saw more than we had seen in the other ultrasounds. We saw the chambers of the heart beating, individual fingers, the skull, and the boy parts. Dr. Brody said that he is 99% sure that he's a he, so I take that as enough to get super duper excited. I had a blood work taken to test for the risk of spina bifida and Downs Syndrome and we'll know if there is an increase risk of either in a week. More than I wanted a little boy, I want a healthy little baby. Hopefully he will be really healthy and really happy.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Now that we have obtained the exciting news I will no longer live doctor's visit to doctor's visit. This should help time slow down. I cannot believe that we are already 4 months into this. It seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a stick. I want be able to enjoy this last Summer of just Dave and I (and the dogs). Although I am looking forward to having little Bean Sprout in the house (instead of in my tummy), I know that we'll be losing a freedom that we now have. Can't wait to see what the Summer has in store for us.

Today after our appointment we went to Target to do a little registering for Bean Sprout. Mainly I wanted to register so I could take some (more) time to look at all the cute baby things, and more specifically, only look at the little boy stuff. I was in cuteness overload, so I bought him his first little onesie thing.
That's Bean Sprout's bassinet filled with all of his stuff so far. It's an exciting thought to think of him playing with his stuffed animals, or reading his books, or sleeping in that bassinet. This will soon be much more than just a thought...

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  1. Wow, you are too cute! I'm excited for you beyond belief! Yes, soak it all up. That's the exact reason I'm not quite ready, but he will be so amazing and perfect that none of the "freedom issues" will matter. Love you, girl! Take care!