Tuesday, May 5, 2009

80% excited

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Dave and I celebrated at Dr. Brody's office with a somewhat exciting ultrasound. Dr. Brody had mentioned that there would be a slight possibility of determining the sex today, but we tried our best to not get our hopes up. Besides the fact that I could barely sleep last night or the fact that I have been searching like a mad woman to figure out a name in the chance of a little boy, I have remained absolutely calm about today's visit ;)

So, here's a recap of today's events:
Dr. Brody comes in and starts the ultrasound and reminds me of the chance of finding the sex. I assure him that I am more than ready to find this information out. We saw Bean Sprout flipping and squirming around like crazy, and both Dave and I saw something that appeared rather...um, boyish. Well Dr. Brody asks me if I have a feeling of what it was, and yes I have had a feeling that there's a little boy inside of me. (This could be the result of many a' days of wishful thinking, or the result of the extra testosterone production) I tell him that I am guessing that it’s a little boy and he says, “Guess again.” What?! Has my gut (and eyes) lied to me? I responded by asking him how he knew this, and he gave me a rundown of his medical training. Then, just a few seconds later, after bouncing the magic ultrasound wand thing on my belly, he tells us that he sees “boy parts.” If I wasn’t covered in jelly and lying down, I would have been dancing. He also tells us not to get too excited and not to buy anything yet, that it could still go either way and that at my next visit in 3 weeks we could tell for certain. Dave asked him the probability of Bean Sprout being a boy, and Dr. Brody said 80%!!! Those odds look good! (By the way, I’m not excited.)
I am just 13 weeks along and I haven’t heard of anyone finding out this early, so it’s nice to at least have a good guess.

I finally got to see the pictures of my cyst. Wow, I am glad that it is no longer hanging out on my ovary. Dr. Brody said that it was twice the size of my uterus, larger than he had expected going into the surgery. I should ask for a copy of the pictures to hang in the nursery.

That was it for today’s visit and we’re anxiously waiting May 26th for the next one. We don’t want to rush the pregnancy along, but it’s so hard to patiently wait for this sort of life changing information. In the mean time we’ll be working on what to name Bean Sprout if he does indeed have “boy parts.”

I am working on another fun post for tonight...get ready!

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  1. Wow that is early to find out but I would assume boy parts are a little easier to identify too. Awesome!