Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a weekend!

I hope everyone had a very happy Mothers' Day. Our weekend was filled with fun and family. Saturday we went up to Dave's grandparents' for his Grandpa's 80th birthday. Thankfully the rain avoided us all day, although it was a little on the chilly side. The food was beyond tasty (as always); we had a cajun boil with shrimp, sausage, mussels, potatoes, carrots.....I have to stop--I am getting hungry just typing that. Sometimes I joke that I married Dave for his family's cooking, and sometimes I wonder how much of a joke that actually is. The family is growing and growing, every time we go up there it seems like we meet a new cousin (normally babies). It's nice knowing that our bean sprout won't have a shortage of playmates. The girl cousins out number the boys so I really really hope we are able to help the ratio. While we were there I realized that I cannot remember the last time that I held an infant, let alone a newborn. I don't even recall holding my niece when she was really little. OH NO! I am more unexperienced than I realized. I expressed my fear to my sister-in-law, Jo Ann, of how I am terrified of dropping little bean sprout. She says that I'll be fine, but I am not sure I believe her. Maybe I should find a place where newborns hang out and practice. Where might a place like this be? Hopefully my instincts will kick in when I need them to.

CORRECTION: I have been corrected. Jo Ann sent me a picture of me holding my niece, Katie, at 1 month old. And she didn't remind me that I dropped her or anything. Maybe I can do this!!!

Sunday was lots of fun too. My mom and my little brother came over and spent the afternoon. I like cooking for my mom since she doesn't cook (sorry I'm telling on you), so I think it's nice to provide a nice home cooked meal for her (and myself). Normally Dave helps me cook but I ended up doing this whole meal on my own. I baked salmon in lime and butter, made couscous with tomatoes, zucchini, feta cheese, and green onions, and made some tasty cole slaw with lime. I found a recipe online but made my own alterations too. Culinary comfort is something that I am slowly acquiring, but it's a skill I can't wait to master. I was a little proud of myself for creating such a tasty and attractive meal. Before and after we ate we all played Pictionary Man, which I really enjoy. I consider myself semi-creative but I think I stole any artistic genes that my brother may have had any chance at. He's a lot of fun to watch.

Even though we didn't have much time to slow down this weekend, I had the most fabulous time. With Bean Sprout on the way, family is taking on a whole new and bigger meaning for me. I am so thankful that we have loving and super supportive families. It's making this process much more comfortable and super exciting.

Speaking of Bean Sprout, I am dying to know what he or she really is. I am really trying my best to not get excited about it, but how in the world am I not supposed to?!? Maybe if Dr. Brody would have said that our odds of a boy were 50% (instead of 80%) then I wouldn't have been inclined to freak out on the inside. Boy clothes are looking cuter and cuter and I am doing everything I can to not get just one outfit or toy or socks. I have to tell myself that I only have 2 weeks--only 14 days until we really know, but it seems like so far away. tick tock, tick tock. I am still not having much luck in the name department. I am pretty sure that I have a first name in mind, but can't find a middle name that sticks. (And I am getting a little exhausted of names) For some reason I feel like I need to have a name picked out by my next appointment. It's the only thing I feel rushed for, but I don't know why.

Bloggy stuff:
I have been playing around with the settings on my little blog and I made a change where ANYONE can comment. You don't have to have a blog or google account, you'll just show up anonymous if you don't. So feel free to tell me ANYTHING, this is my source for getting advice and whatnot, so I want to know what you have to say.

I also made a widget of my favorite etsy stuff. If you're not familiar with etsy, it's awesome. It's a site of handmade items that are sold by the artist/crafter. You can find everything on there, and I like knowing that I am supporting the art or craft. A lot of the sellers on there are stay-at-home moms (and inspirations to me). Maybe soon I'll get some of my creations back on there.

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  1. You made me hungry! My parents came to visit, and we cooked a lot, too. I love reading your blog! Keep up the good posting!