Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 weeks

The four month mark is soon approaching, and 4.5 months will mean that we're half way to meeting Bean Sprout (and no longer being pregnant!). The doctor's appointment that I have been not so patiently awaiting is in one week! We're almost there. Hopefully my blood pressure hasn't risen from stress that I have caused myself over this. I have never wanted to go the doctor so badly in my life, it's funny what pregnancy does to a person.

Bean Sprout is starting to make my belly poke out a little more every day. Thankfully I still fit in my regular clothes. In some ways I am excited about maternity clothes, in other ways I am not the least bit excited about them. However, even though I fit in my regular clothes, I now do not need a belt. This is great because recently I developed a nickel allergy, in other words, I have become allergic to my belt. I had a little red rash below my belly button, where my belt would touch me when I bent at the waist. The solutions were few for tackling this allergy. I could either buy a belt with a sterling silver, gold, or platinum buckle, or use a rope. Or I could get a bigger waist, it's crazy how that worked out.

I think I stayed hot for 3 weeks straight...ewww. And the temperature was only in the 70s or low 80s. Can I hibernate through July and August this year? God showed me that he is looking out for me by sending chilly mornings and evenings this week. Thank you, I needed that. Now I just need 5 more months of chilly. Have I mentioned that I am normally hot natured? Now hot natured is way too under stated.

I can't get enough chicken flavored ramen noodles. I want them all the time, and that is all I have been wanting for lunch. If I eat something else for lunch, I'm dissatisfied with whatever I have had and still want ramen noodles. I don't want any other flavor, just plain ol' chicken. Normally I get very tired of eating the same thing all the time, now I would be happy with only eating ramen noodles and sweet tea. Weird.

Dave and I still have not decided on any boy names. This is becoming painful. He doesn't seem to like anything. Something in me, I am guessing hormones, is forcing me to pick out something quick. I am tired of thinking of names, but it's still a priority. To Dave, it is not a priority in the least, in his words, "it is the absolute lowest possible priority." This makes my hormones make me sad. I know that we have plenty of time, and forcing it will only cause Mr. Bean Sprout to have a name that I don't actually end up liking. Ugh...Ironically I have come up with several dog names that I would love to use with our future dogs, this helps me with nothing.

All this writing has worked up my appetite (for ramen noodles, or course).

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  1. You are always so humorous! Glad you are doing well... except for the rash and no name! Hope to catch up with you soon!