Monday, October 12, 2009

Packing It Up

The other day Dave asked me what we would need if Griffin were to come sooner than later.  This is something that has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks.  I had been trying to come up with a list in my head, yet I was unsure of exactly what we needed to bring with us to the hospital.  I did a bit of research and came up with a list for things to go in the "baby bag."  Dave was gung ho to go out and get the things that we lacked, so we did--immediately.

It seemed as though a switch flipped inside of him.  Just a few weeks ago he didn't want to buy much till after the showers, and now he just wants this bag packed.  I asked him what it was that flipped his switch, he said, "your belly."  I needed him to elaborate more, and he came back with, "It looks more and more like a time bomb everyday.   I think I can hear it...tick tick tick tick.  But the timer's missing and I don't know if it's going off in four seconds or four weeks."  He's such the poet, isn't he?  He did have a valid point though.  There really is no telling now when Griffin will decide to come.  Dr. B said that most of the time there are absolutely no signs of early labor, he will just come when he's ready.  Dave also pointed out to me that we were both early babies, so he wasn't comfortable with waiting around till 39 weeks and 6 days to start getting ready.

So now I am going to go get all the stuff out of the dryer, pack it in the bag, and put it in my car, where it will live until G-Day.

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  1. I am sure very soon, Dr. B will start checking your dilation and that will give you some idea of if anything is happening. Normally first babies run later rather than sooner, but since you and Dave were both exceptions being prepared is smart!