Wednesday, October 7, 2009

35 Weeks

There is something that I am able to do this week that I was unable to do last week. I can now use one hand to count the number of weeks left till the big G-Day (that's what I'm calling it now). One hand, five weeks. Five is such a little bitty number, tiny, compared to forty.

I've had several people ask if I'm getting nervous or scared yet. And honestly, I'm not. What's the point? I am insanely anxious and curious, but in the best way possible. If you were to ask me nine months ago if I would be scared or nervous if I knew that I'd be having a baby in forty weeks, I would have shook my head and thought, "scared wouldn't even begin to describe how I'd feel." But now with the help of the natural hormones that are released to morph you into a mother, I am comfortable that Dave and I are going to be parents in just a few short weeks. I am excited at the potential of all the more fun that we'll be able to have with our Bean Sprout. It will be a different kind of fun than we're used to, but a fun that I am anxious to begin having. However I do not believe that labor will be fun, but I hear that the feeling that comes after all the pain makes everything more than worth it; so bring it on!

 I am excited about this weekend, which is going to be jam packed with tons of excitement. Saturday we have our eight hour birthing class that we are BOTH unbelievably excited about. I hear that we'll be watching some pretty entertaining videos and we have to both bring our pillows, so maybe we'll practice napping. (Please don't bust my bubble.) After the much anticipated class we are going to celebrate our cutest little neighbor's first birthday. And then Sunday we have more celebrating to do a bit north of home at Dave's Aunt Debbie's. Good thing that Monday happens to be Columbus Day, so I'll have the day to recoup instead of having to work. I know I'll need it. And then, before we know it, we'll be nine months along.

Our Lucy is a very cuddly dog.  Sometimes it a little annoying, but most of the time it's really cute.  The majority of the time she prefers Dave to cuddle with, but lately she's choosing me instead.  I really think she knows that something is going on with me.  She gets comfortable anywhere she can on you, and last night she was laying in between my legs with her head resting on my belly.  She made it seem awful comfortable, and Dave happened to take some pictures of this.  I like to think that she is bonding with Griffin.

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