Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting so close, I can feel it…Really.

I realize that my blogging momentum last slowed down in the past few weeks. Right along with that, so has any of my creative energy, or more like my motivational energy of all sorts. As exhausting as it was to want to "create" every hour of every day (minus a few for sleeping), it sure was a lot of fun. Hopefully it will come back soon along with the desire to clean. Oh please let it be!

Speaking of cleaning, Dave and I worked on cleaning the house a bit Sunday afternoon. We decided to go ahead and move the bassinet into our bedroom to make sure that it fit in its prospective home. And it fits rather nicely. Our plan is to have Griffin in our room, not our bed, when he is little bitty and then move him to his crib soon after. I'm not sure if I have mentioned that we have a full size bed that accommodates two adults (one of which, pregnant) and two rather spoiled dogs. Please don't tell me to make the dogs sleep on the floor to make room for the baby; it just won't work and I know it. Not because our dogs are too spoiled, but because there is NO room at the top of the bed…it surely is not a safe place for a small child. I am pretty sure that putting a baby at our feet, where the dogs currently sleep, isn't acceptable either. Hopefully baby Griffin will appreciate sleeping by his lonesome in the beautiful bassinet that his great granddad made years and years ago. Although if he needs company, we do have two willing dogs that can cuddle with the best….just saying….

Sunday was quite eventful for us. In addition to cleaning, we joined a church, and celebrated my baby brother's 16th birthday. I am so proud of Jacob for making it to 16th without doing anything too seriously stupid (just kidding…). Since Jacob is 8 years younger than I, I have been able to watch him grow up. I have been able to prove the age old theory that boys mature slowly ;) But it's happening; my little brother is finally growing up. He's not just a whiney little kid anymore; he's turning into a really good guy. I no longer feel like flicking him in the ears anymore and I can talk to him like an adult. Aww…. Once again, Happy Birthday Jacob!

And speaking of Sunday, there was a little bitty thought in the back of my mind that I may have been possibly going into labor. While eating Jacob's birthday dinner my body temperature rose to what felt like 1004, although I just felt really hot and not dizzy (like usual). I figured that it was just too hot in the house for my blood, and tried to not think anything of it. Then those lovely Braxton Hicks contractions started. I don't know if I had ever described for those of you who haven't got to experience them. Basically, for me, my belly feels like it turns into a rock for several minutes. Typically this isn't painful, but it can make movement difficult and such. Sometimes instead of taking over my whole belly, it will hit in certain spots. At this particular time, the BH didn't stop (for the entire night) and began to increase in intensity. These were causing me to feel pretty darn uncomfortable, but I didn't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, and told myself that this was normal. We were playing Volopoly and I was really trying to not let my discomfort get to me, but it was getting obvious that something was wrong. After Dad checked my blood pressure, which was normal, Dave and I went home to watch a movie on the couch. I am pretty sure that Dave wanted to call the doctor, but I wasn't having it. I was so afraid of going into the hospital on a Sunday night for nothing. I think I had said that the next time that I am laying in a hospital bed, I better be about to meet my Bean Sprout. (Note: I am not too stubborn to call my doctor when something is wrong, I just didn't have that feeling.)

At home the intensity of the BH let up a little, but they became more spread out, something Dr. B described as more like real contractions. Dave decided to time the length of occurrences and the time in between. For a split second I thought that there may have been a possibly Griffin was trying to get out, but I wasn't ever convinced. (Hence why no one was called about this.) The irony of moving the bassinet into our bedroom just a few hours earlier made me a little nauseous. However, I prayed that Griffin could just hang on a little longer so I could make it to the baby shower that my coworkers were having for me Monday evening.

Even though the BH continued through the night and I didn't sleep but a few hours, I never really felt like we were in a state of emergency. And by no surprise we were still baby-less Monday morning. Thankfully I was able to make it to my first baby shower and it was a blast. The ladies that I work with are so gracious and generous. We ended up with lots of super cute things and useful things, some of which I never knew you could buy. They had me play a cute little game of matching their baby pictures up with them…great shower game! It turned out that everyone there was a mom, so they all shared birthing stories with me to get me ready scare me to death. I didn't realize that labor could last 48 hours!!! What have I got myself into!?

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