Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Griffin on the Move

I feel like we are days from seeing Griffin actually crawl.  He has now pretty much mastered rolling and scooting to wherever he wants to be.  We have a 5' by 7' rug in our living room and I frequently having to put him back on the rug as he can traverse the entire length in no time.  I have been trying to get a good video of him moving around, but I think the camera may intimidate him a little.  This video shows a little of what he's doing now.

His scooting technique is pretty funny to watch.  His bum goes up in the air and his head on the ground, then he pushes with his feet.  He's been up on his knees and one hand and one elbow, but falls in just a few seconds.  Any day now...

On the same note, he is on a back arching kick lately.  If we're putting him in his carseat or changing his diaper, sometimes he just decides to arch his back to make things more interesting.  He'll also arch his back, scrunching himself up when Dave is carrying him.  It doesn't make much sense but it's funny to watch him do.

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