Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Enough to Share

I remember saying way back when that I was clueless and overwhelmed at the vast variety of baby products available nowadays.  When getting Griffin something, be it bottles, toys, etc. I try to stick with the most simple option or one that I know has stood the test of time.  For the most part, that's worked for the last 5 months.  Then sometimes someone like my blog pal, Kim, comes along and recommends something that's worked well for her little Elle.  This is something that I had walked past many times during my countless trips through the baby isle, but this is something that Griffin loves.  
Lately I've had curious hands swatting at whatever I'm eating.  Just the other day I was eating an apple and Griffin kept grabbing for it so I gave him a chunk to suck on.  He was going to town on it, but it kept slipping out of his hands, frustrating him.  Then as I was eating today's apple I thought to throw some chunks in the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder and give it a whirl.  Thumbs Up!  Griffin was able to suck and gnaw away, and I didn't have to hold anything but my baby.  

I love suggestions like this, so keep 'em coming my way!


  1. Have one of those love it, FYI tip make sure you clean it out really well when they are done b/c if not (say you throw it in the sink b/c you are really busy) it is almost impossible to get the food bits of the netting.

  2. Glad to hear Griffin likes the mushfeeder!