Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Half Way Pregnant

The picture is from Bean Sprout's 20 week 2 day photoshoot. He was a lot more expressive during this one. The picture above shows him yawning with his hands around his head and the one below shows him smiling. I saw the PA, instead of Dr. Brody, and she took measurements of his head, tummy, leg, and arm, and determined that he is right where he should be. I am feeling him move around often, especially when I get up from sitting. He feels like he is sitting pretty low and he is starting to get kind of heavy...hopefully he won't fall out. In a week's time the official baby bump has debuted. It is seen with clothes on and I can't hide it at all. At work Friday my coworkers were noticing that they could see Bean Sprout. I had an emergency "Oh my gosh, my pants are too tight all of a sudden, and I don't have anything else clean" moment. A little MacGyver action with a rubber band fixed that problem..woohoo!

Last night we grilled out with our neighbors. They are absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to spend more time with both of them. And the icing on the cake--their little daughter is unbelievably adorable. She just may be a good candidate for Bean Sprout's first girlfriend :)

We started to work on BS's room and have put more thought into what we want in there. I knew that I wanted to get a glider/rocker chair of some sort but wanted to want to use it elsewhere in the house after it moved out of his room. For a couple of years, I have been interested in an Ikea chair, then I saw that there was a matching kid was meant to be. Sunday we made a trip to Ikea to get both chairs and they are both perfect. Although Jack really thinks that the little chair is for him. On other blogs I have seen where monthly pictures are taken of the baby sitting or lying in the same place to see watch him grow. His chair will be perfect for this.

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  1. Very fun! I love your hardwood floors!! Beautiful as are you!