Wednesday, June 3, 2009

17 Weeks

I am accustomed to being pregnant now, for the most part I have figured out how my body is going to act to certain things. I can't eat till it hurts anymore, because it hurts worse. I now eat little meals and then get hungry a couple of hours later. Sometimes I want to eat more than I should, but I know the feeling that follows and know I should avoid it. I rarely want sweets and recently I thought I wanted ice cream sandwiches, but now the idea of ice cream makes me feel slightly sick. Watermelon and apples are the exception to this sweet issue, I always want fruit. I have more energy than in my first trimester but I get tired more quickly than normal. Thankfully being 17 weeks pregnant isn't too out of the norm, there's not many surprises. I still don't really like being pregnant, and I still don't find it cute. I wish I could understand the women that love being pregnant but I just don't. I enjoyed my predictability pre-pregnancy, now it could change on a weekly basis.

My number one complaint about being pregnant is that I get hotter than normal. I knew this would happen, but I didn't know how bad it would be. It's only going to get hotter and I am only going to get bigger. Ugh. But when the weather gets tolerable and the sweaters come out, pregnancy will be over. Oh the irony makes me giggle.

Speaking of sweaters, we bought Bean Sprout his first cute little sweater. I never realized the effect that baby clothes would have on me. I had seen this sweater in Gap Kids prior to finding out the sex of BS, but there was no way I was going to pay the price on the tag for something only to fit for 3 months, but the cuteness of it almost brought tears to my eyes. This Sunday we ran into Gap Kids again, just for fun, and there it was, on the sale rack. The only 0-3 month one there, and to my delight had a much lower price tag. This was a sign that it would indeed be BS's first Thanksgiving sweater. Sunday ended up like Christmas for Bean Sprout, we had no intentions for this. We found our ideal stroller/infant seat set. I had to eat my words, because I said that I wouldn't buy anything from Babies R Us and I didn't want to own a travel system. I really should stop trying to predict my future. We went only to look and while we were looking at the strollers, Dave's eye was caught by a smaller lightweight one with a clearance tag. He pulled it down, we played around with it, and we were very impressed. It wasn't big at all and the seat leaned back further than the others in it's same class, had nice storage, and was easy to open and close. It also had flip up pieces on the side rails that we couldn't figure out a purpose for. I noticed a matching infant car seat on the clearance table and wondered if that had something to do with the unknown pieces. It did! The seat slide right on to those pieces and didn't add much bulk at all. This thing was great, exactly what we both wanted but didn't realize even existed. We hadn't planned on buying a stroller yet, and decided to go home to search the internet to compare prices. Turned out that this was a great deal on both, and the particular color was just being discontinued. It also has great safety ratings and got great user reviews. The deal was too good to let pass, so we now own a "travel system" from Babies R Us.

Our next doctor's visit is on June 23, and we'll be 20 weeks--the half way mark. Woohoo!!

*Pictures coming soon.


  1. great find!! Nothing beats a bargain!

  2. I think I would hate the summer too! I can't wait to see new pictures!