Saturday, April 11, 2009

today's lesson

Today was an interesting and educational experience. This morning, Dave and I went to Target and Babies R Us and tried to teach ourselves about strollers. (I should have filmed this.) First off, it was Dave's idea to look at strollers and it seems as though he's really been thinking about pushing our kid around (I'm laughing and I shouldn't be). I would consider us to be rather practical people; I think that we take function over most other options, even when it comes to strollers. Ideally we would both like something that is lightweight, will have longevity through infancy and toddler years, and is easy to push around. There is a lot of stuff out there that doesn't fit into our criteria.

Let me point out that I do not like, no--make that hate using buggies/carts when I'm out shopping. I am usually found with stuff piled up in my arms, a la Gus, the cheese-carrying mouse from Cinderella. I enjoy being able to w
eave in and out of "traffic" without worrying that I am going to injure someone else (or myself) with my cart. I find that this not only helps cut down on my shopping time, but also helps distract my shopping ADD by not being able to fit anything else in my arms and needing to race to the register before everything falls.

I realize that I am going to have to sacrifice a bit of convenience when the little one arrives, but I don't see why I need the largest SUV of strollers to carry an itty bitty baby. We played around with several models, and I laughed as Dave
attempted to fold them up and then unfold them--who knew this could be so entertaining? I was afraid that we were going to break a couple...which means that we have already ruled those out. If we aren't able to figure them out in less than a minute, then out the door with practicality and off our list. The only reason that I would want a large stroller is so that I could fit in it, I don't want to be tempted to be jealous of the babies luxuries. Just kidding, just kidding (Or am I?)

By the way, I think that this was my first time ever in Babies R Us. I was impressed with seeing a larger selection of stuff, but why do they have to be so MUCH more expensive than Target? (Actually I do understand this concept of Retail Science) But goodness! While we were at BRU I tried on a sling and found out that I
do, in fact, want one. The one wasn't a ring sling but it let me see the approximate size relative to my body. It fit comfortably on my (without a baby in tow), and I think I like the idea of using one for grocery shopping or dancing or whatever else.

I am getting more and more anxious every day to get to meet the bean sprout. The pregnancy does not excite me as much as having a little baby around. Today I was thinking how beautiful and miraculous life is, and how amazing the idea of growing a baby inside MY womb is. So why can't pregnancy be as well? Why can't I feel warm and cozy instead of nauseous and cold? Why can't my clothes fit better than th
ey did before the pregnancy? Why can't I have less headaches and be less hungry? I know I am being selfish, but I think it would fit into this theme of beauty and amazement much better than what is actually going on now. I hope you don't mind my honesty here.

Since I should be doing Spanish, I will instead post my latest obsession: Ugly Dolls! I can't get over how much I love them. Maybe I'll get on
e for myself and then pass it on to bean sprout, like an heirloom, an ugly little heirloom. they make me smile :)

Now I should really get to my homework so later I can make some miniature Peaches 'N Cream Cheesecakes for tomorrow. Click here for the recipe.

Happy Easter!


  1. I love your blog. You make me laugh. Rachel

  2. yum-yums to the cheesecakes... but on to the baby gear- literally I have tried out almost every baby stroller on the market. I have even traveled as far as Atlanta to try out several different strollers. Call me and I will give an unbiased review of several on the market. I can even breakdown the different types travels systems, joggers, umbrella, etc... Paul jokingly (not jokingly) said I should make a blog simply called "I've Done The Research... on baby crap.".