Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time for another

I am rather excited about this week, because my 1st doctor's visit is Tuesday. I don't believe that I have ever been so excited about a doctor's appointment before. It will be nice to finally know how far along we are and when to expect to meet the little one. Right now I am guessing that I am about 8 weeks along.

I haven't had much of any morning sickness since the first two weeks (after I found out), but I wish I could get over the constant tiredness. I know that I am asking too much here, but if I could get a 3 week spurt of energy to last me till the end of this semester, that would be fabulous. I have so much to write (for my scientific writing class), but my brain d
oesn't want to function after 5 PM. At least the end is only 3 weeks away. Other than being tired I am not experiencing any symptoms yet. I haven't noticed a change in what I like to eat or had any cravings yet. Expect wanting to eat all the time, but I always have liked to eat anyway. I wonder when the changes will hit me, like swollen feet or pickle and ice cream cravings or (what I really want to know) when is this baby bump going to make it's debut? By no means am I trying to rush into these, I am just not a big fan of surprises.

This week Dave got a crib on Craigslist, and it was the exact one that I was wanting [woohoo!]. That's one thing checked off the list. Our plan is to clean the "nursery" out and paint the walls as soon as possible. There are a fe
w people at work that have laughed that I just found out that I was pregnant but yet already have the nursery planned. I guess I am still able to plan some things. This past summer we had a painting spree and choose the wrong shade of green for the dining room, but ironically it should work perfect for a gender neutral nursery. For months we have been trying to figure out what we could paint that shade of green and I am happy that it's not going to be a wasted can of paint.

Speaking of the nursery, I was talking to my dad today about the plans for the room and he was saying that it wouldn't be appropriate for a little girl. However, I think otherwise. My color scheme is brown, green (like a muted grass green), and white. The walls will be green, the crib is white, and have I found brown and white bedding that I liked. I like the idea of a woodland theme, but not going overboard with the theme. I have found and fallen in love with tons of owl, squirrel, fox, hedgehog, rabbit, etc things
For example I saw this swing at Target the other day an
d got excited that it fit in my plan. I don't see this being too masculine at all. Dad's point was if the room ended up being for a little girl, that it would be all sorts of things that were out in the "dirty outdoors." He also offered some of his deer heads for decoration. Am I right by thinking that this nursery is more for the parents than it is for the baby? I am getting a little giddy about decorating the nursery, I can't wait to prove him wrong.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the first doc visit. (in regards to the belly bump usually happens around 2nd trimester for most mums.) You are so little (which is perfect) but may make the bump appear sooner. Don't get too excited by 36 weeks you will be dying to get it over with and then when you have a newborn you will be dying to be pregnant again (LOL!!!).