Thursday, June 24, 2010


Can I just say that my coming back with a vengeance hasn't been very vengeful.  Oh well...

Anyway, I had mentioned in G's monthly post that he is a very content baby.  Usually preferring sitting to moving. He's got me spoiled, I'll tell ya'.

I'm not sure where it came from, but Griffin was one turbo-charged baby for the last two(ish) weeks.  He would. not. sit. still.  He mastered the sitting to crawling maneuver, and used it over and over and over.  He went for every power cord, every shoe, and every spec of fuzz he could find.  He even ventured out of the living room and into the dining room and the kitchen.  He played with the piano pedals in the dining room, looked for snacks in the spinning cabinet, and enjoyed a cool breeze in his hair from the floor vent in the kitchen.

Thankfully G still enjoyed playing in his exersaucer, so that's where he'd go after I'd tire out from moving him back onto the rug umpteen thousand times.  He played like a mad man baby in that thing.  I really thought he was going to bounce the exersaucer off the ground a few times.

I'm thinking he may have hit a growth spurt as he has now settled into a nice balance between gogogo and sitsitsit.  And I swear he looks bigger, but I haven't measured yet.  It was a fun phase but I need a few naps before the next one.

*As usual I only catch the tail end of what I'm going for.  To get a better picture multiply the energy shown in the video a few times.

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