Monday, May 3, 2010

6 months

Griffin is officially six months old.  I have thought every previous month, "oh, this is a fun age." but six months really is a lot of fun.  My baby is now oozing with personality.

He is now babbling like crazy.  You can't predict when he's going to start talking, nor can you command it.  However, as soon as it starts it's hard not to watch.

He's getting around pretty well, rolling and scooting like a mad man, trying to eat everything in sight.  For the last few days he's been getting in the push up position, on his hands and toes.  He's still scooting with his head down to the ground and pushing with his feet.  He loves to stand.  He can hold himself up for a while if you stand his next to something.  He's getting close to sitting up by himself, he can do a few seconds at a time then he topples.

He's eating like he's been doing it for years and there's not too much that he loves more.  He's had avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, and bananas.  I'm guessing that he's liked everything, as he hasn't spit anything out yet.  His  love of bananas is pretty intense, as he eats them at lightening speeds.  Everything else is eaten at a much slower pace.  The doctor told us today that all [mushed] foods are fair game at this point (which was news to me) and at seven months we can start finger foods.  Eating is proving pretty fun for all of us.

At the doctor today Griffin weighed almost 19 pounds (80th percentile) and was 27 1/2 inches long (85th percentile).  His head must had a growth spurt as it went from average to above average.  He had another round of shots today as well, but this time it took much less effort to calm him down afterwards.  As soon as Dave picked him up, he had forgotten all about it.

As Griffin ages, it's becoming more and more clear that we have ourselves one happy, laid back, healthy little baby, which makes me that happiest mama in the whole wide world.

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  1. Wow, six months has past already?? Craziness! I hope you and your family are okay with all the flooding happening in your state.

    Happy Mother's Day!