Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 for Friday

The second edition of this series has taken on a crafty theme.

no. 1:  Play Area
My dream home also has a little space that looks exactly like this.  The chairs, the globes, the organization, the clock....I can't stop drooling.

no. 2:  Baby Shakespeare

Earlier this week I came across this video and I just can't get over the cuteness.  While pregnant Dave and I both said that we were going to only speak to gv with a British accent so he would hopefully pick it up (for our humor).  I didn't ever think of him reciting Shakespeare, there's another idea....

no. 3: DIY Valentines
I get a little too excited when thinking about helping gv make things for school in the future.  I especially can't wait to get my kid craft on when I see things like these homemade Valentines.  

no.4: More DIY Valentines
How fun are these?  Easy peasy too.  Oh...I'm itching for pre-school.  

no. 5:  Joel Made It
I found a couple of things that I wanted to share that I saw from this dad crafter's blog and I as continued to look, I kept finding more and more.  In turn, I recommend checking out his blog for yourself.  I especially loved his modern playhouse with the chalkboard wall.  He has some really fun and simple crafting ideas that I hope to remember one day.

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