Monday, November 30, 2009

One Month

Just a couple days ago Griffin turned one month old.  Both Dave and I were asking ourselves, "really,  wasn't he just born yesterday?"  Griffin has filled our house with love and joy and really loud noises; and as his mom, I am enjoying every single second of it.

The holiday season is feeling a bit different this year, since we're a party of three now.  Griffin went to pick out his first Christmas tree and his first ornament, to start his collection.  We had a nice time as a family decorating the tree while listening to some old Christmas records that Dave scored a while back.  This is our favorite time of year, and we know that the joy will be increased a thousand fold with Griffin being our most favorite present ever. 

Every day he is breaking out of his "baby shell" as I call it.  I'll catch him making an expression where I swear he doesn't look anything like a baby.  He is also quite a bit more awake and alert during the day.  I absolutely love to watch him wide-eyed, cooing and playing with his hands.  I'm not sure when he's cuter, when he's awake or when he's asleep dreaming.  It really does surprise me how beautiful this little baby is, no matter what he's doing.

Griffin loves getting out of the house and he's a little social butterfly.  He's fast asleep as soon as he gets in the car and usually sleeps for a good while after the car ride.  Griffin met a lot of his family for the first time this Thanksgiving and really seemed to enjoy getting acquainted with everyone.

Today we had Griffin's one month doctor's visit.  He is as healthy as can be, and the doctor told us to keep doing what we're doing.  (Good to hear when you're not sure what you're doing.)  Griffin had been having some belly troubles early on and wasn't gaining weight as fast as he was supposed to.  After taking care of that he has now more than caught up with himself. 

Here's his stats and some mommy info:
22 inches long--75th percentile
9 lb 9 oz--completely average in the 50th percentile (I knew he was feeling heavy.)
He's slowly outgrowing his newborn clothes.  He's still too narrow for his 0-3 month or 3 month clothes. 
He's sleeping from about midnight till 5-5:30ish.  I won't complain about that, but soon we're going to begin the trick that the doctor told us about today.  I wonder how long I can sit still with him crying.....hmmm?

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  1. I'm glad I finally got to meet him and hear his cute little sleep noises!