Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 months

(I've taken yet another hiatus from this blog, but I have something in the works that I'm excited to share soon!)

-Griffin's now crawling in turbo speed.  He goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants.  My little content-to-sit-and-play-with-something-in-one-spot baby is officially gone and has been replaced by always-on-the-go explorer baby.  However, he's showing no interest in climbing yet.

-As a result he's loosing some of his baby fat.  Especially in his face.  As a result of this, he looks much older. But don't think I'm saying he's got any lighter, cause he definitely has not.

-He's a dancer.  Seriously, he's got moves.  Whenever he hears music, you can be pretty sure that he's grooving to it.  His first dance move was the head/torso front to back bob, but he's recently added the side-to-side sway.  He'll also clap or kick his foot to a beat too.  Music is running through his veins, I tell you.  While we're on the subject, he loves Dave's guitar.  He reaches for the strings.  The kid knows how it works.  He also loves to bang on the piano.  Dave bought it for Griffin while we were still pregnant, so I technically it's his.  It's the most fun toy in the house.  He plays it standing up, without looking at the keys.  He's got talent.

-He is getting a little more picky when it comes to eating.  He still eats everything, but since he's been feeding himself he leans toward certain foods.  We can tell how much he likes something by how much he shares with the dogs.  He does not share peaches.

-He wants to be a part of everything we're doing.  It hit me like a brick as I was brushing my teeth and Griffin was looking at me with his mouth open.

-He's so dang happy it's funny.  It doesn't take much to make him smile, or clap his hands, or make funny noises by blowing air through his teeth.  And cheering him up isn't much of a task at all.  I find it flattering that he finds me so funny.

-He's standing on his own more often.  We happened to have the camera pointed at him when he decided to show off for close to 30 seconds.

-On a not so fun note, he's been testing out the capabilities of his lungs.  Lately he's yelling as loud and as long as he can.  Usually this isn't a mad thing, but it can turn that way.  Its looking like he's using this as his Give ME Something to EEEAAATTTT cry.  I need to figure out how to turn this around ASAP.

-Thankfully since almost 6 weeks old, Griffin has been sleeping through the night.  I realized how lucky I was for this.  But at about 9.5 months he has been waking up during the night pretty regularly.  Mostly it's only once, maybe around 1ish or 5ish.  Before he was able to put himself back to sleep, but now, not so much.  Most of the time he just needs a hug and maybe a little rocking, but sometimes he needs to eat to get back to sleep.  I find this odd because he puts himself to sleep when to goes to bed, but needs our help when he wakes up in the night.  Maybe this is separation anxiety?  
(Any advice on this, Moms?)

-Exciting news:  Griffin said his FIRST WORD the other day!!!  First word, as in first word with possible recognition.  It was duck.  For a while I'd been saying duck over and over while playing with his rubber ducky in the bathtub.  He started clicking his tongue, mimicking the k sound.  And then, he said duuu  click a few times, and eventually that turned into duuuu ck.  I can only get him to say it when he can see the actually duck, so I'm assuming there is recognition.  

Stick around till the end of the video, it's worth it.  And please ignore how strange my voice sounds.

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